Continued fro Allsurgeries done!

By the way! Lovenox is LMH HEPERIN! I also stopped loosing weight off Warfarin! Got my appetite back not too happy bout that! I never felt more alive no more sluggish feeling! Memory problems real bad tho! Hate that! My nieces name is Brittany and I forgot her name and came out with "SKIPPER," now how does that line up with Brittany??? Lol... Not even close!

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  • Look if you find your memory, you may find mine, try not to worry! MaryF

  • Great news Debb

  • Thx Dave! I am just trying to figure out what to do when my throat closes and can't breath with the swelling! All my docs pass the buck! Call an ambulance! Yes and be tubed wen I go to hospital ok!!!! Not for me! Mary and nanny Lynn said I cud ha undiagnosed thyroid even tho my t3 &t4 come out good! Hashimotos! I wrote on Thyroid U.K. To DX myself as I've done without the internet for years! Lol... Of course they blame all my autoimmune diseases for my swollen throat! Lol... Happy Holidays our Thanksgiving is coming soon! Do u have a Thanksgiving type of holiday! GODSPEED

  • Hi Dave. Remember the first thanksgiving with the Indians who saved our lives by teaching us how to grow our own food, etc.


  • No Thanksgiving-holiday in Sweden.

    We prepare for Christmas with lights everywhere as it is not much sunshine these days. Today it was sunshine though and a nice sunday. Not cold either. A couple of weeks ago we had so much snow in Stockholm. Has not happended so early in November and so much for over 100 years in Stockholm. My memory is also bad and I say the wrong words. Easier to write in English. Weird!



  • Well I just got a brain scan checking for Alzheimer's my memory is so ridiculous.


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