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who do I see????

Morning All,

Just a quick question. I have always been seen by a rheumatologist at Guildford whom I have to say was really good. I have recently moved to the west country and my main hospital in now Musgrove Park in Taunton. On the specialist list is a Dr Sarah Allerford of Musgrove park but she is a I request a referral to her or go for a rheumatologist? opinions would be helpful. thank you

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Hi Cami

The Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases (The Mineral Water Hospital) in the centre of Bath understands APS. The team who deal with APS are the Connective Tissues Disease CTD team, which is headed by Prof McHugh (not to be confused with the Prof Hughes). I often see Dr. Liz Reilly, one of his team.

Best wishes.


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thank you, funny enough when I left Guildford hospital the rheumy there thought I had connective tissue disease! so I have just seen my new GP who knows about aps so that's a beginning , he is referring me....did request Dr Allerford at Musgrove but will wait and see!!!!


Dave is giving you very good and localised advice, I hope your care is good, whoever you end up seeing, and a good starting point that the GP knows a bit about the condition. MaryF


thank you Mary


If you have aps symdrome

Prof hunt at st Thomas in London would be a great place to go to . Easy to get train straight to London from Guildford .st Thomas hostipital specialist in APS symdrome


Hello, I live near Taunton & have numerous specialists at Musgrove. I see Dr Laversuch Rheumatologist, Dr Fish Neurologist (who is pretty good good with the Hughes, but a bit weird!). I do see Dr Sangle at Guys though for the Hughes. I was under Prof. Khamashta previously. As I now have Pulmonary Fibrosis due to suspected Sjogren''s I am also under respiratory specialist who I see in joint clinic with Dr. Laversuch.

If you would like to PM me I will give you my phone number and you are welcome to call & have a chat about my experiences of local docs etc. X


thank you Sue, My Gp was Ok, in fact I was surprised that he knew all about aps! I will have to wait for the referral now to see where he has sent me! but at least he has! I'm not quite straight forward......I have been tested may a time for aps and tested positive...I have symptoms and covered in livido but have had no event! it was then thought I had sjogrens but now they are thinking connective tissue disease!!! but now all my blood tests are negative. I am on aspirin and clopidogrel and also we will see!


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