Leg stump turning purple???

Hi from across the pond!!! Just a bit concerned, my left leg stump turning purple! It scared me because it brought back memories of my purple toes and them turning purple! I will call prosthetic place becaus leg not fitting and waiting for approval on complete new leg! Still not myself as in sweating profusely! Wish they'd tell me why! Night sweats wake me up! Anyone else with this problem? Thx!

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  • HI hormones can cause night sweats as can adrenal problems an the thyroid, but regarding your current problem as well as calling the prosthetics people please seek urgent medical advice, and keep photographic evidence also, keep well. MaryF

  • Thx Mary! As always good advice to take pictures! Yes I will call doctor! I've been doing home renovations and on my leg too many hours as I can't get help! Have a great day my dear!

  • Wow I wake up at same time every night drenched also! I'm so sick of this! My Hemo told me to go to Neurolgists! Yea ok that's cuz my memory bad! Anyway a neurologist told me I had a virus going thru my body!!! No way will I waste a dime on Neurolgist in USA!!!

  • Cal the doctor he removed your lower leg yesterday... Don't wait. Just because it's a holiday means they have to have a covering Doctor. Or go to the ER

  • I was having night sweats for a couple of years. When I my synthroid was raised, they improved quite a bit. I got the eucalyptus sheets from Bed, Bath and Beyond. They dry really quickly, so it is easier to get back to sleep. I use a flannel bottom sheet, since that absorbs moisture, and again it is easier to get back to sleep. My thyroid tests were just a little inside the range, or a little out of the range. I had to talk an endocrinologist into letting me go up. I don't know if you already are taking thyroid, but you have to take .05 mcg for it do really do anything. There is a .025 mg pill, but your thyroid will just crank out that much less if you take such a low dose. .05 is still a low dose so some doctors will let you try it, even if you get the "your tests are in range" speech.

    Have you taken your plaquenil yet? The sooner you take it, the sooner you will feel the benefit.

  • Oh I don't have Thyroid issue, but my sister seared I do! Although my numbers are good! My sis has APS with thyroid problems! Thx for ur answers ! You're very smart!

  • I'm ok thx! Went to prosthetic doc today all is good! Got nervous there for a bit! The eucalyptus sheets sound awesome! I will get them! I already sleep on flannel bottom! I just can't Stand the way I sweat! All I do is get up and poof I'm drenched! Waking up nights yucky! It's just a flare up as they say! This is exactly the way I felt wen first DX'd! Oh well this too shall pass! It's great sharing with all u wonderful people! I'm sorry u are on this, but thanks for all the positive feedback! It's more than greatly appreciated!!! GODSPEED!!!

  • No I'm going to start tomorrow! The Plaquinil! Does it help with RA pain do u know! They say it helps Sjogrens!

  • It's a great drug. I was having upto 15 seizures a day because of the aps and it stopped it. Must admit I still get the sweats but not as badly.

    Best wishes Diane

  • Ok I'll have to eat b4 I take it and have no appetite! I must go back to my throat and knee doc too! I'm just fed up with most docs! I have a spot on my throat and go to great throat specialist from HSS/Hospital For Special Surgery in NYC, but have a spot on my throat and he won't biopsy it cuz he sez I'm too hi risk! Plus it's throat surgery! Wen my throat swells and I can't breathe my asthma inhaler does nothing! Only have small airway to breathe wen this happens and it's happening again lately! So I must make appts b4 end of year cuz my Oxford 5 Star insurance company is getting rid of individuals! So I'm up the creek without a paddle!!! Lol... Hope ur well and thx for ur response! Godspeed

  • Glad you leg is sort of OK --hope things improve. Weather people are predicting a high of 99 here in WV this Sat. I dont think you'll want to drive south any time soon. 😉

  • No and to boot my bedroom air conditioner broke yesterday!!! Lol... Time to sleep in living room! I'm going to run to Bston where y Dad landed from England! Need to find info of his birth where there is no record! His dad and Brother Richard and Dad Morris born in 1867! Weird! Wow WV 99 rediculous! Here 94 or something so here come sweating badly again! Lol...

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