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Anyone have issues with foot pain? I have pain on the balls of my feet right below the toe joints. It feels like I have fractured something down there and hurts to stand or walk. It is worse some days and better others. I like to walk for exercise and this is keeping me from being able to. I'm not certain if this is at all related to my APS, graves disease, etc. or something all together different. I am not scheduled to see my doctor until October but may need to call and move it up if I cannot find some relief.

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  • Hi Laura. I have recently been diagnosed with APS and I too have foot and ankle pain on a daily basis at the moment. Try making an appointment to see your podiatrist. They may be able to help with exercises etc. Hope you feel better soon

  • Thank you. I may try to see a podiatrist.....have not seen one yet.

  • Hi, it is hard to tell which condition is doing this, however make sure your B12, D and iron are looked at, and your thyroid in more depth than just the TSH test. My feet used to hurt very badly until i was adequately treated with myThyroid. Both plantar fasciitis in the feet and carpel tunnel in the wrists are related to Thyroid symptoms, also if you vitamin D is low this could also cause you more inflammation and pain. I hope you can have some detailed testing. MaryF

  • Thank you. I recently had my yearly testing and my Vitamin D was a little low so she prescribed a weekly supplement for me. I will have to look over my labs and see if she even ran a Thyroid test. Mine was obliterated years ago and I have not changed my dosage for years. Thank you for the tips.

  • If you are on the synthetic stuff, it does not suit everybody, some of us are on natural desiccated thyroid, also if only the TSH is done, this is not detailed enough, and I am afraid it means paying out for private tests, I do all of these: and in some patients they push for a D102 test which shows up the people who are not converting the T4 to T3! MaryF

  • Hi Mary I told my sis about ur thyroid post! I suggested she be tested again in thyroid to c if she's adequately dosed! She told me her doc onl does TSH! I told her to tell a white lie as I do so we don't hurt doctors ego! I told her to tell her primary that her Hemo/APS SPECIALST wants t3 and t4 thyroid! It's what I do with my primary all the time and he dare not listen to me! He does what I say! You just unfortunately have to know how to speak to them! Make it like they're children and it was their idea! If I didn't tell my Hemo that I'm in touch with doc Hughes (lol... Which inadvertently I am! I read his blog about INR)& he said my INR shud be higher, I'd still be suffering! He read about it and he lets me go now to 3.7 which is where I need to be! Unfortunately I found out very early in life doctors egos are very fragile and whatever we Gota do to get best results we do it! I'm paying lots of money to get right treatment and if that means playing games then SO BE IT!!! Thanks so much for ur expert knowledge u share! Also is there any other test other than T3 or T4 My sister Lynn shud know about??? Thanks in advance and Gidspeed!!! You R a doll!!!

  • and there are plenty of very very good doctors and professors out there who do get it right.

    These tests need doing: and she could also request a D102 gene test, which shows the people unable to convert T4 to T3, some people do better on the natural desiccated thyroid. Here is an article about Hilary Clinton who is on that stuff:


  • There is a wellknown metatarsalfracture, called "Morton´s toe". Look it up, because it is difficult for me to explain more in detail. They thought I had it (do not know if I had it) but it is rather common with APS and also SLE I think.

    Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

  • Yep , pain is constant battle. Foot and ankle issues.

  • I wrote here 4 hours ago. I should not have said "Morton´s toe" as my Hematologist called my pain, but instead "non traumatic metatarsal fracture , a complication of primary Antiphospholipid syndrom, due to inpaired blood supply".

    Prof Hughes has written about this foot-pain in one of his books.

    Kerstin in Stockholm

  • Thank you!

  • Many years ago i had pain where you speak of. I was told it was a tendon by a podiatrist. He sent me to a guy who was an orthopaedic surgeon who had invented this small op that cured this problem which apparently was very common. This ortho used to go round lecturing on it but I don't know what it was called. The "op" entailed sticking a sharp object into the tendon which released it. This formed scar tissue and as this wore down the pain went away. Not sure why it worked but it did and I never had a problem ever again.

    Id start off by seeing a podiatrist to see what is causing the pain.

  • The same procedure is done with fingers I believe! MaryF

  • And a light goes off in my head!! I have had a painful swollen ankle for a couple of years now and saw dr who referred me and I now have to wear an insole In my shoes to stop the arch from falling. It worked for a while but once again it is swollen and throbbing. Doh I never gave a thought to it being APS Stoopid am I lol

  • I deal with severe pains in my ankle foot and toes. Painful throbbing, tough to walk on for sure at times. Had it so bad a few months ago, I could not put any weight on it, and it would throb while in bed. This lasted for just over a week.

  • Thank you everyone. At least I know I'm not crazy imagining this. I am going to try and see a podiatrist to see what they say. I will let everyone know if I find or get a solution for some relief.

  • I too suffer with this. I've run the gamut of Doctors and their "opinions (guesses) : Morton's Neuroma. Nope. Fractures. Nope. Tendon issues. Nope. Orthotic support. A wee bit. They have offered to inject me with cortisone, saline, Demerol, and snake oil (just kidding.) I finally found an acupuncturist that has minimized the pain with bi-monthly treatment. I take a daily vitamin B supplement which has helped a bit too. I also stretch my feet, ankles and legs every morning. My daily scotch has ceased and the pain dropped off a bit more with that. At this point I'll live with it.

  • Hi DannyBoy,

    Are you properly and stable anticoagulated?

    Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

  • I'm very stable at 2.6 and the current Doc won't authorize any higher. Even when under another Medic's care and very stable at 3.5 the foot pain was the same.

  • Hi Laura,

    I too get foot pain and can have trouble walking or even driving my car. I have asked my GP (General Practitioner) also my Rheumatologist but they tell me it could be any of my conditions (of which I have loads !!) that could be the cause of this.

    Not much help I know, but at least you know that you are not alone with this problem.

    Good luck.

  • I get ankle pain in the one ankle I have left! My sister has APS also and Mary said people with Thyroid not medicated enuf can get this! My sis was just DX'd with Plantar Faciitus! She has thyroid problems too! I do have Rheumatoid Arthritis and tend to blame that! As my fingers and hands are painful all the time! Good Luck in ur Podiatrist! That's what my sister did and got cortisone shot, ice helps and stretching exercises! Har doc said to freeze a bottle of soda and roll it back and forth on the foot!

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