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Two months down the line

hi everyone, thanks to your advice I'm now being referred to an aps specialist. Every thing was going well until two weeks ago, I had a hyperglcemic episode which was horrendous, ended back in hospital for a few days, I also had severe dizzines Ann vomiting,I was again in hospital on Sunday for the sickness and dizziness. I was wondering if the aps makes other illnesses worse than they normally would be.

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Autoimmune disease can flare and be unpredictable. Presumably they are checking you out thoroughly? Hope you feel better soon. Did they test your for Diabetes. Also hopefully Thyroid disease? MaryF


Hi I've been having hypoglycemic attacks! I've been eating small meals more frequently! Every 3 hrs and still have to eat candy! I specifically went to my primary yesterday and I had other issues too and he dismissed me! He don't like me cuz I scare and overwhelm him! Glad I was able to get in what I got! Lol... My mom and grandma had diabetes! My sis and I both have hypoglycemia and APS! I nearly passed out in drug store and the pharmacist made me sit and eat candy! It tuk long time to recouperate! Havnt felt right since! Very weak! What's happening with ur APS! Feel better!


hi I was type 2 diet controlled for many years, but since late November, my reagings have been high, Drs increased my medication. In December I had swelling in my right arm. Then January my clot event , all the time bm,s high, I then in feb had kidney problems so they reduced metformin. My bm so I think it is linked.ihave visited A&E again since they think I also may have menieres disease .aa sort says just keep swimming!


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