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Is there any connection between cysts and lupus/APS .

I have lupus/APS and see the team a Guys etc. I was diagnosed with a Bosnik Cyst type 2F in my right kidney which my local hospital are keeping an eye on. I am waiting to have knee replacement and have just been told I now have a cyst behind my knee. which was picked up on ultra scan and Doppler . Can lupus/APs make you more sceptical to getting cysts etc.

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Hi, if you look down through the paragraphs there is a little bit about bakers cysts. MaryF


I had colon cysts, numerous skin tags, uterine cysts, - even a cyst discovered encompassing my pineal gland! They all disappeared a couple of years after going gluten free. Cause and effect? Or coincidence? ??? But based on my apocraphyl experience cysts are definitely linked to inflammation/autoimmune/allergy issues.


Thanks Gina. I saw the vascular team today. They told me it's a baker,s cyst just build up of fluid and nothing untoward, will now go back and see the orthopaedic team and hopefully still have knee replacement.



Wow Gina my first surgery at age 24 was ruptured X ovarian cyst the size of an orange! My parents didn't believe me so my friend Tuk me to hospital just in Tim! Almost passed from that! Had no idea it had to do with autoimmune Gina and allergy issues! This forum is amazing! Thanks all for input! Godspeed!!!


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