Ovarian cyst and APS - could they be related

Hi there, came with bad news today... For the past few weeks I have been feeling an awkward pain in my belly and the pain has only gotten worst, so I went to a doctor. She made an ultrasound and found out I have an ovarian cyst. It is smaller than the previous two bloody ones ( this one has only 2cm) but it hurts a lot :'( have you guys have any idea if is there any studies associating ovarian cysts and APS? My doctor thinks I am overreacting but since this is the third cyst I have after being diagnosed with Aps it made me wonder about that...

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  • I can't say I've had ovarian cysts, but they did just find a fibroid in me....hopefully these are all unrelated. Good luck!

  • I had an ovarian cyst but the doctor said it was just something that happens and wasn't related to my APS. So I don't know about you. Good luck and hope they can help you by removing it!!!!!

  • I don't know if it's related to APS but I have cysts on my kidneys, and have always been prone to cysts since a teenager. Also my daughter who has APS has cysts on her ovaries. x

  • Hi BrazilianBade, I'm not a medic, so this is only my thoughts (from a very foggy brain!) but if symptoms often appear during pregnancy and then re-appear pre-menopause, and more females than males are diagnosed, then there may well be a hormonal link in there somewhere, and therefore an ovarian cyst would have a hormonal link to Hughes as well. I hope you feel better soon, take care, Larraine x

  • Just because there is a hormonal reason for a cyst doesn't mean its related to APS.

  • Hi there I was hospitslised last year for a large ovarian.cyst and I've had them before coincidence with APS maybe but would be worth looking into.

  • Hi there, I just had a fish about, could not find any specific connection, however they do cause extra problems at times if you have APS. eg: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/104...

    MaryF x

  • Hi as far as Im aware there is no link......but I myself had 20 on mine! 9 on one + 11 on the other, they put me on noresthisterone + now they have shrunk.....I was ina lot of pain with mine too, hope you improve Soon x

  • Ovarian cysts are something that happen normally and naturally to all women. As the egg is released during natural menstural cycles it many times creates a follicular cyst which generally goes away, but some can become large and painful. There are some other causes of cysts but generally every woman gets them at some point in time, just not all are painful or symptomatic. They can be natural and very normal.

    So I would suspect that this is just a normal part of being a woman. Some women can have PCOS which is another condition and related to endocrine issues and can contribute to infertility and difficutly conceiving.

    I hope the pain subsides and you are feeling better and that in the future you don't have to endure this lovely lady thing! I mean seriously, why can't men get this?? :)

    PS this is a very general explanation of ovarian cysts but there is a ton of info out there.

  • Wont repeat any of the above but will just mention Endometriosis. This causes cysts and pain. Has anyone ever thought about this for you? I was diagnosed with this and it caused me to have to have a ovaries removed at 36 and full Hysterectomy at 42.

    Here is an interesting article on Endometriosis which seems to show how APS could be linked. (final paragraph). There are various good treatments now that were not available to me at the time. Perhaps asked to be referred to a good Gynaecologist.


  • Hi Lyn,

    You echoed my thoughts exactly. I'm now 56 but had ovarian cysts aged 22, and was diagnosed with Endometriosis and had one ovary removed. After one successful pregnancy (on one ovary) two years later, I was unfortunate to suffer a ruptured cystic ovary (grapefruit sized) aged 28, resulting in a total hysterectomy at 28.

    I was diagnosed Lupus APS in 2005, aged 50, but have often wondered if in fact APS was the main factor way back in my youth, before the days of APS came to light.

    There is life after Endo and indeed life with APS ... despite all the difficulties that remain.

    To Brazillian Bade ... definitely seek the advice of a good gynaecologist.

  • Hi there

    I've had a number of ovarian and breast cysts resulting in the removal of 1 ovary and numerous breast biopsies - it does seem that some people are just more cysty than others. Interesting to read how many women on here seem to suffer!

    No suggestions on how to deal with them other than don't refuse the pain killers (I am a total flower when it comes to pain - I've had too much of it already, lol )

    Best wishes

    Sharon x

  • Hello. I have a cyst of a similar size to yours. I'm actually going in on the 25th to have my right tube and cyst removed. I have a history of pelvic pain that has been worse since my APS diagnosis. That said, I've never associated the two as being related and always thought that cysts were just hormonal bad luck. Mine can be painful so I totally sympathise with how you are feeling. Hope you get something sorted out soon. Good luck.

  • I do not know if APS and follicular cysts are related but I have a bleeding cyst that has been there almost 28 years. Apparently, it is seen on ultrasound and they follow it, but I believe it is too small to risk rocking the boat with another invasive procedure. Any pain it would cause I imagine gets lost in the other pains. I do take note of how many other APS people have them but I am inclined to believe it is one of the many little endurance hardships women have just for being born a female.

  • Hi....I know this is a rather later reply, however, I have APS and had to have my ovary and ovarian cyst removed in an emergency op as it had twisted and cut off the blood supply.... the size of a small orange !!!

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