Provoked or Unprovoked Clot

Do the circumstances surrounding a clotting episode (whether it was provoked or unprovoked) determine whether an APS patient should take blood thinners indefinitely? I know it is standard care that after one clotting episode and two positive APS tests taken twelve weeks apart, for a patient to receive lifelong anticoagulation on blood thinners. I wonder, however, does someone with APS having a provoked clot (as a result of surgery or pregnancy) still warrant lifelong anticoagulation with blood thinners, or does the fact that the clot was provoked lower their risk of having a future clotting episode?

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  • Hello and welcome.

    We are not medically trained personnel on here and we cannot answer your question, I'm afraid.

    Where are you from, as this will help us and our members on here to help you by directing you to sources of knowledge.


  • I understand. I am more asking what one's medical professionals may have told them regarding this rather than one's personal opinion.

  • I understand, it's just that we have to make this clear to new members.

    Best wishes.


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