Pain in the neck!

I've suffered a sore neck /shoulder/back pain on and off, and always put it down to bad sleeping position, sitting at work all day type thing, but this weekend it has gotten worse, so much so that it woke me several times in the night, so off I popped to see my GP this morning, she has sent me for a same day x-ray, pro active I know as I was expecting to be told it was muscular. It was not my usual GP and I'm not that keen on her, but an appt is an appt. ! Sooooo anyway she thinks it might be arthritis of the neck, and I have to concede that all my symptoms are pretty spot on with the 'symptom list' ... My concern is that will this be dismissed as arthritis, as I am still without a formal Hughes diagnosis.

Anyone else suffer the same , have any advice???

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  • Depending on what the X-ray result say, another possibility is Myofascial Pain. Look it up on google. MFP syndrome is often over looked by GP's. This can cause trigger points which can be very painful. I have this a lot which can flare if you are having a flare of other conditions like APS.

    Finding a good Myofascial Release Therapist really helps with this and any stubborn trigger points can be dealt with by a Pain Clinic who can administer injections to help release them and give pain control for many months sometimes even permanently. You can google MFR therapists in your area but make sure they are trained in the John Barnes or Ruth Duncan methods.

  • Wow, just googled!! This is way I love this forum!!....someone always has an answer! Thanks APsnotFAB! I have tinnitus,ear pain, dizziness/balance problems and disturbed sleep!...who needs doctors when I have the Hugh's forum!! X

  • Its my pleasure :-D

  • An MRI is best if possible. I've had neck, shoulder, arm, low back pain for years. Even if an MRI doesn't show significant compression it doesn't mean that there still isn't a problem. As we age stenosis can occur and it can be very painful at times. As mentioned earlier in another post good tissue work by a massage therapist can work wonders and some range of motion assistance by a well trained physical therapy assistant. Best wishes.

  • I ave had really awful neck pain for years,but I put it down to arthritis, which I have everywhere. Massage does give temporary relief.

  • I just posted on another question suggesting one referenced"The Alexander Technique" which is a brand of physical therapy ( this is my description, not a physical therapists's) which emphasizes helpful posture and identifies posture mistakes a lot of us make without realizing it.

  • I had the same symptoms for years, an xray revealed it was wear and tear, different message treatment and painkillers only provided tempary relief, when it started to effect my sleep badly I was given a muscle relaxation called amptriptoline and this works well for me but as I take 3 per night it can make you a little drowsy the next morning.

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