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Gluten Free can be fun if you use ur imagination!!!

Gluten Free can be fun if you use ur imagination!!!

Hi I waited at home with my bad aches and pains and thought got better by Tuesday!!! WRONG Ended up in hospital without a friend to speak up for me! They had no idea what APS WAS!!! I told them it was a BC disorder and to look it up! Five hours later after screaming in agony they did a CAT SCAN & my Thoracic Spine is deteriorating and the adhesions on my stomach are in a flare up!!! Lol... Finally 5 mg morphene and anti nausea med I was able to rest for an hour till the pain came bak! My biggest mistake was going to a friends house and she had ordered Pizza for us b4 I cud say a word! To be polite I ate the pizza and went off my GF DIET NEVER AGAIN! I made blueberry GF pancakes and topped with fresh strawberries! I made the strawberries earlier and added a bit of water and a tad bit of any sweetener u like and the Strawberry syrup was my topping for these pancakes! I've never ate better pancakes! They're lighter and great tasting! I'm sure u have Bisquick-Betty Crocker Glute Free Pancake Mix across the pond or some other brand close to this! Makes a nice healthy Sunday Breakfast for whole family! I'm going to run to my discount dollar store and buy some for my sister Nanny 23! They're only $2.00 and u can also make delicious muffins! If anyone has any other good GF recipes cud u please let me know because wen I told my doc that I don't eat because I hate food he was upset and said that's why I'm not getting coagulated! He will c me next week to speak of it wen Lynn my sis goes for retesting to him! I'm putting up a photo of my pancakes! I hope it's ok with Administration???

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Hi photos of your food are fine, as long as it is in line with the topic of your health.  Sorry to hear things are rough.  Here in the UK so many companies now do gluten free pizza, I have had success eating out with this.   MaryF


My big GF discovery has been in the frozen foods section:  a bread from Three Bakers, rye Style.  Pretty good.  

I am a tad confused by your posts, so forgive me if this assumption is the incorrect, but be advised that gluten presence or absence does not have a direct impact on ones INR via warfarin efficacy.   Of course, a gluten sensitive intestine which is enflamed from a recent meal of gluten will indirectly alter one's INR.  But directly?  No.  

Yogurt, kefir, pickles, Kim Chee -- all are probiotic  which means they can repopulate your gut with helpful microbes.  And that boring standard diet recommendation of 5 veggies a day, 3 proteins, 2-3 dairies and limited carbs remains true.  I don't follow  that every day, but it remains my goal.  

And with time the interplay of warfarin antagonists and warfarin agonists will become second nature to you.  I always keep some frozen liver on hand ( loads of Vitamin K) as well as fresh ginger root ( powerful blood thinner) in case I need to Doctor my blood levels with food. 

Good luck.


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