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Double blind study for people with low hb....if your having abdominal surgery....?! Anyone?!

I have just been called regarding taking part in a double blind study for people with low hb...who are having abdominal surgery....

Apparently me having an iron infusion this Thursday could then disclude me from the trial.....?!

I am very confused and my op is probably not going to happen until June.

When I asked how are the double blind study will help me......there was a very long gap...always reassuring, then the answer was....

when you have the surgery you may or may not be given an infusion and it's to see how you recover or suffer bleeding after...... Gulp...

I need this iron infusion now... Don't I?!

She asked what iron supplements I was on e.g iron I said I'm not....again this seemed to throw her..?

What happens if your the placebo group....?

It all sounds scarey to me and if I had anxiety before hand it's off the charts now.....

Got my details off a system but without any of the pertinent details, just doesn't fill me with confidence.

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All such studies must provide ample opportunty for you to discuss all of your concerns. If they are not giving you this opportunity then the answer will probably be no thanks I don't know enough to make an informed decision.

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I would not take part in any study that sounded so full of question marks? Also if you are not feeling comfortable that you are properly informed! This is your health! MaryF

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Do ask a lot of questions?

Any procedure?

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Just had the literature come through

It's called PREVENTT

pre operative intravenous iron to treat anaemia in major surgery. A randomised controlled clinical trial



Thank you. Please do read the document at least three times and look for advice!!!!


Apparently it's to save money on expensive transfusions.....

One group gets iron infusion

The other group gets saline

They have operation do they still need the same amount of transfusions

To me this implies that someone thinks expensive blood transfusions are given without actually medical necessity.....?!

I think I will be swerving this as I want and need to know in a very uncertain world 🌍 what my body is taking in......pre and post operation.


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