Only for je about menstruation

Good morning to everyone!

I would like to know if it´s due to anticoagulation or Endo or what...

Do you have strong bleeding when period??

My periods are becoming worst since anticoagulation (except my first 4 months since I started taking Sintrom). Sometimes I cant move because I feel like drainning off...(better not going into more details...;)) It´s almost impossible to work, and my Iron and % saturation is very very low. When I finnish my periods I`m really weak

XXX from South of Spain

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  • Mine have been normal sometimes, irregular & really heavy also to the degree of dare not go out! & yes it eill make you week, I was once told I was bleeding to death by one doc....bit exagerated I thought!?! They said if it didnt stop I may need to have something done.....may settle for you too in time? Hope so x

  • I had the same problems - the coil is worth it,just takes a while to settle down x

  • I had the same problems. Talk to your GP abut taking other supplements as that's what I did and feel much better for it.

    MJ xx

  • You can get a referral to gynacologist. Mirina coil could be helpful.

  • Im past all that -- thank goodness! But yes, I went through all that. I was told that if I had to change pads every hour or less then it was time for an emergency visit to the hospital. Except it was that way every month, even before adding warfarin. So I never went to the ER for the bleeding, but according to that initial doc, I should have (? But what would they have done? ) (every month?)

    Good luck!

  • Hi, I had mega problems when I had my last implant removed. With an INR of 3-4 I couldn't leave the house at that time of the month. My doctor has tried me with the mini pill (progesterone only) which is brilliant, I don't bleed at all. I personally wouldn't try the coil, the thought of having those hormones inside my body doesn't appeal to me.

  • I don´t know what mirena coil is, do somebody know the Spanish name? Is it hormonal treatment? is it an implant? ufff....last time I took hormones (Yasmin) it was like a bomb: I had a huge brain stroke and my cholesterol levels went up a lot (despite of not having cholesterol). Doctors and gynacologists have forbidden me to take any kind of hormone :(

  • You should google it. There are both good and bad things that people have said about it.

  • ahhhh, I know what it is. My gynacologists said NO to that too!! :( agrrr

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