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I have hypothyroidism. I also tested positive for anticardiolipin for APS. Have to go for 2nd test still. When I 1st started on synthroid helped but now sptoms coming back. Never tested for antibodies though. Being I tested positive for anticardiolipin I thought I should be tested for thyroid antibodies too. I do go on thyroid U K some valuable info there as on here. Just wanted to know from this forum too if it's possible to go together.

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Hello yes it is quite common to have a thyroid problem with Hughes Syndrome/APS, and often for it to be Hashimotos. Not everybody suits the synthetic thyroid medication such as Levothyroxine or Synthroid, and some people do better on Natural Desiccated Thyroid. I enclose an article about Hilary Clinton:


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Thanks so much Mary. Going to dr.tomorrow. Hope he listens. Drs only se convened with THS blood test. Frustrating cause he says he needs to investigate APS test results too. Sounds like I need to find a dr. Who specializes in auto immune disease. VERY FRUSTRATING


As you have looked at the TUK site, you will have seen the recommended tests, I do all of them.... as the TSH is useless! MaryF


Hi I agree with Mary. Yes you can have antibodies positive for thyroid too. My antibodies were positive too, I have other autoimmune conditions. But as per my understanding, unfortunately on therapy the antibodies level go down quite quickly and disappear after a while. I have been negative for antibodies within a year of treatment. This is a reason why many clinicians are not so willing to do thyroid antibodies on thyroxine treatment. That's what I was told when I asked for a repeat.

When were u diagnosed?

May be its something u could get done privately so u get ur answers, if ur doc is not helping.

Bw xx


Don't remember when I was diagnosed. Just trying to cover all bases. I'm really confused to be honest


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