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LASIK while on Blood Thinner

Has anyone had LASIK since being put on blood thinner? Eye surgeon is concerned that putting pressure on eye to create flap will cause a bleed and is not keen on me bridging (even though I've successfully bridged before for a biopsy). Wants me to do PRK instead...if anyone has done that either your experience would be appreciated!


Megan in Indiana

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I guess it's down to the surgeon, what he regards your risk of bleeding as and how likely he can stop it when on thinners, even if bridging. Equally, he may not wish to stop your regular thinners - are you high risk? I know the US works a bit differently to the UK, but can you get a second opinion on the anti-coagulation method to employ during eye surgery? From your haematologist or anti-coagulation nurses?


They said exactly the same to me so I'm still wearing glasses!!!


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