Sticky Blood-Hughes Syndrome Support

This place is ace

Just a quick repeated 'Thank You' to the Admins and Responders on here

You are all amazing and make just coping a little easier with the kind responses and the informed advice adds clarity when all around is an enveloping over powering smog of fear.

I have learnt so much here to the point I know enough to stand my ground when docs do not realise the implications but more importantly learnt enough to cope

Thank you all again

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Thank you, it's a pleasure to help our members.



Thank you for the fab feedback. MaryF


Yes thanks to the admins for keeping this place going I know that it takes time and dedication


Yes, it really helps to be able to get advice, when the fog descends!


Well Thank you so much for that! Its a pleasure to help when we can.! 😇


Ditto cheddaraddict

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