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Ear ache

Trying very hard not to be a total hypochondriac!

However I have had occasional ear ache and feel like I am on an aeroplane occasionally and I go deaf then can hear again in alternate ears not all the time

Just now and then.

Also got balance issues more this week.

I was on a v windy beach in Devon at the weekend so it could be nothing. Should I be worried?

Emma :)

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Keep a list of points you wish to raise at your next appointment, balance issues can be a problem, if you read through the symptoms list etc. However you can't rule out ear infections either. Your main consultant will be able to reassure you regarding most of the questions you wish to ask.

I enclose the section on Ears, off the charity website:



Hi Emma,

You are not an hypochondriac!!

Balance and ear are connected. The same region in the brain. I have had problem with that and with my eyes also before I was anticoagulated. I have Tinnitus.



I am on clopidogrel though Kirstin so I would have thought this would be clearing the clots. Not feeling very relaxed about this. Trying not to worry.


Yes don't worry u r Not a Hypochondriac!!! Listen to Kerstin she's vey basmati an in crazy about her! The doc try to make u think u r, but you tell them good!


I am slowly increasing my thyroid meds after being off them for a week when I was originally ill and wonder if this can be affecting me. I take armour thyroid (ndt).

I think I will drop them back again instead of increasing as I had planned.

I was feeling so much better a few weeks ago and now I am worse than ever I just don't know why.

Does anyone else take clopidogrel for their condition?


Aspirin or Clopidogrel (is said to be better than Aspirin) are tried first when we have a TIA or clot. If that does nor work or if we get worse with our symptoms (from APS) the Specialist will put us on anticoagulation like Fragmin or Warfarin or the new oral-anticoagulation drugs.

I was first on Aspirin (low dose of 75 mg) and then I was worse and had to take Warfarin. I did not like that but it helped me with my neurological issues.

If you feel so very bad go to A & E. That is the only thing I can advice you to do.

Best wishes to you from Kerstin


Have been much better today thanks guys. Hardly Any dizziness and no ear pain tinnitus. I am being careful to cover years when out in the cold.

I also have managed to improve my thyroid symptoms as think I had some poor medicine last week and have got another batch this week so think that may have helped.


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