Morning everyone , can anyone help me ? ive had a sore stomach for about 5 weeks now and havent told anyone just thought it might be part and parcel of APS , but the last 2 days/nights have been so uncomfortable , feel like someone has blown me up with a foot pump , also severe lower back pain , and going 2 the loo a LOT , can this be anything 2 do with having kidney probs due 2 this syndrome ,tbh i,m terrified 2 sleep incase i dont WAKE up

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  • I've had a sore stomach, sickness feeling and aching all over, and dry cough, on and off, for two weeks now. I think it's a virus not a direct APS symptom.

  • thank you for your reply , but this isnt a virus , i dont feel sick as in vomiting , i,m having to sit with both hands on my lower stomach to try and relief the pain ?

  • Ah ok.

  • It could be a urine infection especially if you are using the loo a lot. This will require speaking to your Dr so they can test your urine to be sure because if it spreads to your kidneys you will become very unwell. Do not leave it and if it is becoming very bad go to A&E.

  • Go to the doctor! My last tummy pain was an obstucted bowel and a 3 week stint in hospital. I know it's easy to blame APS but please go and get checked out-could be as easy as some antibiotics to fix a UTI.

  • It could be from Aortic Dissection or Aneurysm. It could also be nothing but gas. It's hard to say. But it's better to get it checked out just to be on the safe side. I hope you're feeling better.

  • thankyou for the kind replies guys , going to call the docs this morning ... x

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