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Hello APS family and friends

I just wanted to share a wonderful little APS Book with you all, that you can order online. The book is only 100pages and is Authored by Dr. Graham Hughes and Shirish Sangle.

The book is called: HUGHES SYNDROME: The Antiphospholipid Syndrome

A Guide for Students ISBN# 978-0-85729-738-9

You can get it at springer.com This little book is amazing and jammed packed with all APS fact's Picture's

It is like a study guide for the health care professional. The book size is compact not even the size of regular letter paper. The best part is it is Affordable under $50.00can.

Anyone interested?

I do not know where springer ship's to but, If they do not ship to UK I would be more then happy to order the book for anyone and ship it to the UK.

This book is so amazing, that anyone with APS show's up at the ER,A&E hospital where ever with this book You will be seen right away and NEVER get the "Hypochondria" attitude again.

The book is written in layman's terms as well. I will try to get some picture's of the book so you all can see what I am talking about.


for now


Sorry no pic's Can not upload them, stupid computer AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGG!

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Thank you it is always a good thing to remind us all of the useful books that are around, and of course the charity - Hughes Syndrome Foundation, stocks many of these, this not only raises funds, but also educates ourselves, family, friends and the wider medical community. MaryF

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Where did you find it in the states??




I have APS and I am a nurse at a Family Practice Clinic, I live in Texas. I will certainly check it out ! Thanks !!


Hi there, I'm a Nurse too! I do not work anymore cause I had 2 CVA's and 5 TIA's. But what can you do? It's all about this wonderful disease APS!!! Your welcome I am a huge fan of spreading the word about APS, and patient advocacy! I believe knowledge is power!!!

Take good care



Maybe one day a class on APS will be offered when the physicians go to Conferences for CEU's . I think a light bulb would go off calling attention to a lot of patients who haven't been able to find a diagnosis for their symptoms.


I agree with you there.

I am also a fan of spreading the word about APS and tell everything you have experienced yourself to others.

Knowledge is Power!!!

My book is on its way by post to me now. Thank you!

Kerstin in Stockholm



I have already ordered it. Thanks!

It must be no 6 about APS and probably the last one.

Kerstin in Stockholm


Hello Lure2

I'm not sure I understand your post?


I meant that I have bought 6 books in all, written by Kay Thackray, Prof Graham Hughes and Triona Holden. This is my seventh and it must be my last book.

The books are very informative and they have meant a lot to me with my illness APS.

In Sweden we know very little of this illness and I am fortunate that I read English in school ( I am 71). I have also been on this website for many years now and it has meant a lot to me and i have learnt so much from other members and specially from the Admins here.



Ok thank you for clarification.


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