Hi iv had my operations on my right hand carpul tunnel and my left frozen sholder done all gone well so Farr but did have to stop in longer cos I did not have no feeling in my arm or fingers it as if my arm and hand was there but was not mine cos they was dead so they seid it was not safe for me to go home and they tried to get some one to come in and help me gate way to care was ment to help but then they sed no they can not but then some one ment to come on Monday from social services to assess me cos no one will be here all time they was going to keep me in till Monday but told them my husband and kids will be there then to be honest it dose not feel as bad as I was think it would be cos not having my arm and hand to use it I can use my fingers now I could not wash my hair or wash my top half or dress my top half or make food but that's all I need help with but touch wood I will be able to do all that in a month or so going to drive me mad lol be I am ok in my self they nurses was saying how come you gone through so much and still smiling all time I seid better then crieing but I do hide my feelings most time don't like asking for help and say I will be ok xx

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  • HI there, well done you, you are through the other side, keep well and pace yourself, the worst is over. MaryF

  • Yes thanks Mary I go to hospital next month about my hips so hope to get them sorted to be like super woman by time they finished with me I hope x

  • Yes, here comes the new version of..... Wonder Woman! MaryF

  • Can not find the list of doctors can you send me the link Mary please as I am going to Manchester now x

  • Hallo Wonder Woman!

    Well done! Take good care.


  • Thanks keratin I will so Farr so good and going to hopefully get my hips sorted next month as well so just hop not to be in so much pain no more xx

  • Iv had some one out from the enablement team come out was down for 4 visits a day but told them don't need all of them so down for a morning and dinner time call to make sure iv eaten or if I need help with think just got her to wash my hair and help me with putting my tops on and bra on as its a bit hard yet they are so nice but at 54 hate it but it's just till I can do it my self and they are three to help make me do think and make sure I am safe too I did not know these people was even there but thanks to the hospital xx

  • Hi Lesley,

    Do not feel ashamed for taking help! They consider you need it. It is good that they come and cheque how you feel if only to say hallo and make sure you feel ok.

    Good luck from Kerstin

  • Thanks just got a letter to go to Manchester royal it's a rheumatologist dept but it's a lupus clinic was talking to doctor yesterday and he sed he'd been in touch with some dr could not remember his name then I got a letter today but it dose not say doctors name on it it for 16th December at 2.10pm he sed this doctor was on the APS site so I don't know x

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