All blood work negative,but had two healthy children ,my baby died due to iugr,and 6miscarriges

Hi im a newbie to this site I was wondering if you can have negative blood results and still have this condition ,,do the antibodies stay present all the time or do they disappear and you have to be tested more then once to make a formal diagnosis ,,everything im reading relates to this condition or sticky blood but iv had every blood test and they cant find any answer.I have numerous medication to prevent me loosing my babies but hasnt worked .I hope someone can help as im becoming desperate.I do understand that many times no one knows why miscarriages happen but when you have had healthy children then suddenly all this happens its so confusing.

Thankyou for reading

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  • Have you had the specific blood tests relating to APS? If you let the site here know what country you are in the Admin here are great in pointing you in the right direction.

    I'm sorry for all the babies you lost-very devastating not to have any answers- but there are still doctors out there who either don't believe in APS or haven't heard of it and you need to find someone who understands this.

  • Hi I'm sorry to hear of your losses. I have APS which wasn't picked up when I first had IVF treatment in 2007 despite this I was lucky enough to have my son in 2008. My son was a little miracle as despite coming slightly early at 39 weeks they said the placenta looked old and full of clots. My infertility was unexplained but looking back I've had symptoms of the condition since puberty. It was only when I went back for more IVF treatment in 2013 that it was discovered with two positive tests. I was treated and my daughter was born in July this year. This time round my symptoms were a lot more pronounced and I was on a lot more medication, the condition has got worse over time. The labour and my condition was managed much better the second time round as they knew what they were dealing with, so I got all correct treatment and was induced to reduce the risk to my baby. So whilst not as severe the first time round it did affect me getting pregnant, the consultant thought my pregnancies never got to the point to where I could even do a test. FYI it's a standard test during IVF treatment at Bart's. I was 35 when I had the first round of treatment and despite being with my partner since I was 18 we never got pregnant naturally. During the second round of treatment I was on the usual fertility drugs, clexane, hydroxychloroquine, asprin and steriods. Sorry for the long reply but I hope it helps.

  • Sorry I should have also said I got myself referred to the pregnancy clinic at guys.

  • This is interesting. I also had 'unexplained infertility'. I fell pregnant naturally the month my blood started to be thinned. Not a coincidence I feel!

  • HI there, and welcome, I am sorry to hear of your troubles and difficulties to date. Have all the tests been done for Hughes Syndrome/APS? Also are you under one of our suggested specialists? In answer to your questions, you can be seronegative for Hughes Syndrome/APS, please see the pinned post section over to the right there is also mention of this on the actual charity website. I am mainly stubbornly sero negative but from time to time pass two tests at a time and have a history of clotting and other markers. Please do familiarize yourself with the charity website and look at the symptoms, as of course there can be other reasons for miscarriage etc. MaryF

  • Sorry for you losses. Were you on blood thinning medication? It's worth pursuing your obstetrician on this. If you were tested negative they may presume you don't have APS and therefore not give you blood thinners. Definitely ask. Best wishes x

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