Does Hughes get Diagnosed By Blood Tests?

I was diagnosed earlier this year. My GP looked at past blood tests. I have had results all over the place. I have had 2 borderline Lupis results. The recent antibody test was in conclusive. I have all symptoms except stroke and heart attack. I have recurrent dvts... migraines that have got worse over the years. I have had 4 miscarriages...(I do have 2 handsome sons). My INR is all over the place....Is this condition always this fickle?

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  • Hello, yes these tesst form part of the diagnosis combined with full history of events and clinical symptoms. Hope this helps. Mary F

  • Thanks Mary, I have had two positive tests and one negative....crazy. I am on higher doses of warfarin and still have an unstable INR.....Over the last few months I have had trouble with joint stiffness too.....this is a fickle condition.

  • Mystyni, yes it is and that is the annoying thing for Docs is that it still has so many unanswered questions.

  • I feel that this is a very fickle condition. And be wary of doctors who want to take you off of blood thinners if your antibodies come back negative. I had a Rheumy tell me that once (and that was the last appt I had with him). I think because it's the human body we're talking about, and immunity, that things can just be all over the place.

  • I am new to this condition and have had a hard time keeping my INR in the theraputic range as well. Watch the vitamin k intake. It's difficult to keep if consistent but that is the key.

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