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Allergic to skin

Hi guys

I know there have been questions about this before but I have to confess, as it didn't affect me I didn't read too much - sorry. However my mum, whio has previouslt tested negative for lupus and aps seems to be allergic to her own skin, it is very dry, red, sore and itchy. It is driving her to distraction. She was having UV treatment for it but it seems to have made her worse. Has anyone got any ideas of stuff to try or ask the doctors about. Her mother died of Lupus when she wa only 16, her sister has suffered with it her whole life (but was never tested for aps and now after the menopause it has left her) and I have lupus, aps and a host of other niggles....

Thanks in advance guys, you have always been so helpful for others and I am sure that you'll give us some new ideas/avenues to try.

Take care


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Just one question....has her thyroid been checked out?


Don't forget you usually only test positive for APS when you are in a flare and there really is no test that tests Lupus 99%



As HP said have you look at thyroid, let us know how it goes have you tried speaking to St Thoms?



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