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Bridging plan for holiday to Australia when on Rivaroxaban?

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had any advice or experience of a similar situation: I am soon going to be travelling to Australia for 3 weeks. I currently take 20mg Rivaroxaban once a day at about 5.30pm each day, for APS. When I'm in Australia - the time difference is 11 hours so the UK 5.30pm will be 04.30am - and that doesn't seem like a realistic time of day to be taking my medication for 3 weeks! What have others done in similar situations? Thanks in advance! Lucy

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Hi there not had to to this not being on Warfarin, I am sure others will answer you soon with more experience than me. MaryF


Is it possible to gradually move your dose forward leading up to your trip so that when you get to Australia your dose would be when you wake up? This plan would need to be discussed with your doctor first of course.


I was using this when I did the trip in reverse-Oz to UK. It is not that critical and I just changed to local time when I got there. I did have to stop it for 24hrs in the past for a tooth extraction and recommence After 6 hours. It's very unlikely that you will get a clot in that short time frame. I take Aspirin 100mg as well so you may feel you can do this while you change time zones. The beauty of Rivaroxaban is that it's fast acting and you can stop and start it for short periods of time with no side effects.

Hope this sets your mind at rest and you enjoy your Holiday here :)


Hi lucy

7th attempt to message hands not good today

please keep time as near as poss for your body -maybe 6am more realistic

I am on 30mg and had to top up with low dose asprin for 2hr flight. Other APS patients have fragmin or clexane injection as precaution when flying to top up anti coagulation

please email your consultant secretary before you go.

always take rivaroxaban with tea & biccy at least

enjoy your trip & stay safe



Thank you all for your answers! I think there's some good advice there and if I gradually adjust the time I take medication over a few weeks before I fly then I can aim to take my medication at around 6am each day which is much more feasible and an easy solution which I hadn't considered, so thank you! I am currently without a consultant since professor Khamashta went abroad so I will need to arrange something asap! Thanks again for the reminder :)


Remember to take with food even at 6am, glass of milk or something similar. This aids absorption with Rivaroxaban, else you won't be fully anticoagulated.


I don't know if you saw him privately but if so another consultant there will advise you by phone if you call them. You can also call the nurse at Guys who will speak to one of the Dr's there and get an answer for you.

Gradually moving your time before you leave to a more manageable one on arrival seems very sensible.


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