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Can some symptoms be due to inr that day?

Hi all! I apologise if this has been asked before..I have not been on here for a while. I was diagnosed with aps and test positive for lupus a yr ago now after having a stroke after having my son. I was finally feeling that my symptoms of my stroke were easing but recently I have had migranes/headache and muzzy head days. My inr is in range 2.5-3.5 but has just recently fallen to the lower end of my range, today is 2.8 and I wondered if this was the cause as its been higher for a long time. I also have also had alot of mouth alsers which I do get with my monthly cycle but thought they were abit more than usual. ..although they have gone now. I would appreciate any advise as I think im starting to over think things abit. Many thanks in advance!!!!


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Can't answer all your questions, but did have a problem with the mouth ulcers until I started making a ranch salad dressing with live culture buttermilk. You have to use it on a regular basis for a while, but once the flora in my mouth became balanced, I did not get the ulcers. Live culture yogurt would work, too.


Thank u for the tip!!! They ra pain when they r here so I'm willing to try anything. Thank u :-)


Hi there and welcome back!

I had also 2.5 - 3.5 in INR in the beginning. Changed to 3.0 - 3.5. My present INR is 3.2 - 3.8. My Hematologist has agreed to this and I am now also selftesting every second day. If my INR goes under 3.0 in INR I shall take a Fragmin shot. I have not had to do this yet but the last therapeutic range I have not had more than half a year.

Yes I think the old symptoms have returned because of your too low INR. Most people on this site say they feel best at an INR of 3.5 but the doctors are so very afraid for bleedings. We more often have clots and DVTs of too low INR than bleedings from too high INR. They do not understand that we have very thick blood.

Hope you will soon feel better again. Take care!

Kerstin in Stockholm


That is amazing! Thank u so much for your advise!! I have been thinking that this could b the cause for the last couple of mth but started to think I may just b thinking to much into it. I self test so keeping an eye on it is not a problem too. I think I will give my doc a call to see if I can get an earlier appointment to maybe discuss it. Thank u so much!!!


Ps thanks for the welcome back :-)


It is very important to keep an eye on your INR and also notice your symptoms, which you are doing, I hope you can see you consultant soon to talk it all through. MaryF


Thank u mary. I have started to note down if I have a symptom and what my inr is that day to see if there is a pattern. I will c if it shows anything and then ring the doc for an appointment. Thank u very much for your help. Its is very much appreciated.

Thank u Gemma


Hi Gemma,

I am not a doctor as you know. I only know that I feel awful when the INR is low.

So very good that you selftest.

Do you have a big difference between the lab-test value in the vein and the machine fingerprick value?

If I have 4.7 in INR on the machine the lab test in the vein (not more than 2 hours later) show possibly 3.5. It is the lab test value in the vein that counts. It shall be the same difference all the time. It can differ for me max 0.3. The difference is a little more when my value is very high.

As we are different persons with different number of antibodies I guess it differs a lot among our members around the world.



Hi kerstin

Thank u again for your help it is very much appreciated. I go to the clinic for an inr every other mth to compare it to my machine and its usually 0.2/0.3 out so the clinic seem to think thats fine. They said they expect a 10% difference. ....I think thats right.

Following your advise about the inr range I am starting to make a diary of symptoms and inr that day to c if there is a pattern so I have some evidence to show my doc. Thanks so much for your help and advice :-)



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