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A little help with symptoms

Hi, since last November I have made drastic changes to my diet. Even though it is obvious that I am not cured of APS by a long shot !!! I am definitely having less symptoms. I have cut out all gluten, refined sugar and alcohol from my diet bar from two cheat meals a month! Since Doing this my migraines and weird periods have improved drastically.

It has been interesting to note however that I have been testing negative last few years, but since new diet am testing positive again!! All very confusing but at least I'm feeling slightly improved, so nice not to be having the four day migraines so regularly :)

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Well done, it is hard to kick gluten which is known to irritate autoimmune diseases, this August, end of I will have been gluten free 3 years. MaryF


Nice, actually huge, accomplishment MaryF!


Well thank you. MaryF


Congratulations! Kicking gluten is hard, but I feel so much better since I did -I'll never go back! Curious about the blood tests. But my personal "non-science major so not worth much opinion" is that not all the hormone and antibody dominoes have been identified.

Kaplach! ( and for those not conversent in basic Klingon, thqat means "Success!")



I do not think it is so negative to be positive.

It is positive to cut out all gluten i believe. I have not but I am careful with what I put in my mouth though.

I have always been positive and I have also high 3 APS-antibodies but I feel good mostly. Not always positive of course but since we knew I have APS in 2002.

Some are always negative and feeling very bad. It is difficult to understand this illness.

Best wishes to you from Kerstin in Stockholm


Thanks guys x


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