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Raised CRP

Hi all,

I have primary APS and am on warfarin INR range 3-4. I also have raynauds. Along with this delightful condition I get regular joint and muscle pain and chronic fatigue and am vit d deficient. Also regular headaches and muscle twitches.

I'm tested every 3 months for lupus antibodies which thankfully is always negative. Although I always test positive for p-anca which could indicate vasculitis but no symptoms of this.

My latest blood results showed crp 10 when the normal range is under 5. It has gradually been increasing over time.

Is this something which is common with this condition? I see my consultant in 6 weeks time so no doubt will be discussed at this appt.

Thanks in advance

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Hi, it is a known marker for inflammation and or infection, do have a chat with them, levels do change according to how you are...... I enclose a paper. I have had high readings and then nothing.



I have noticed that my CRP is always high when I am feeling tired, and in a lot of pain. When the CRP is down I feel fine. So for me, the CRP is a confirmation that something is wrong when I feel that something is wrong. But for doctors the CRP is just a marker of inflammation occurring somewhere/wheres in the body. In other words, it's not a very specific or even useful test. Hopefully some bright student in search of a wonderful doctoral thesis will someday trace this out.


Thankyou both and thanks Mary for the article.

I'm awaiting consultant letter to see what they say about it and will raise it in a few weeks at my next appt.


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