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Dr khamashta gone?

Does anyone know where he has gone? My appointment at the lupus centre at Guys has just been changed and I have been put under the care of Dr Sangle? When I rang they said Dr Khamashta is no longer here? He has been my Dr for around 5 years and he will be missed! Anyone know what Dr Sangle is like? I'm a bit nervous to start with a new Dr after all this time

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Hi Louise

Dr Khamashta has left to go to Dubai for a year to set up a lupus centre there.

It's not clear whether he will be back, but there is a possibility, probably depending on how the centre does and whether he wants to continue.

Hope this helps,



Hi Kate,

I hope Professor Hughes is in London tomorrow for the PATIENT´S DAY 2015.

Good luck! I wish I was there.



I am in the same boat as, I expect, many others will be. I was supposed to see Prof. Khamashta today and have been really holding on for this appointment as I have been extremely unwell. I should have seen him in January but thanks to the move to Guys it was put back!

Like you I am nervous and disappointed as Prof. Khamashta always says he 'cares about' his patients. Only trouble is they are in Dubai now! He has been such a lifeline and rang me at home on numerous occasions like you I am frightened that I won't get the same extremely knowledgeable care. Also I like him very much, he is my favourite doctor and easy to talk to as well as being kind. I expect some ghastly NHS manager has upset him and he's decided he's had enough and cleared off for a while. He wouldn't be the only one!

Oh well time will tell I am seeing Dr Sangle on 21st and have been told he is very nice. I am still grateful to be seen at Guys.

Good luck everyone xxx


Oh no. He looked after me too. I had no idea he'd gone. I'm due for surgery on my heart in the next month (mitral valve repair) which has been delayed a lot & am thinking this could be something to do with it as Dr Senna may have absorbed some of his patients?


Hi Louise,

I see Professor Hughes privately at London Bridge Hospital twice a yearand don't have Private Health Insurance. Professor Hughes was concerned about the cost to me so suggested I was referred to see Dr Sangle on the NHS at St Thomas's Hospital (this was a few years ago so he may be at Guy's Hospital now) But in answer to your question Graham Hughes said to me Dr Sangle is very, very nice. He is patient and listens to you. He said the only downside is he still has quite a strong accent so you have to listen hard or he said just keep asking Dr Sangle to say things again if you don't understand him - he won't mind - the other consultants do!

I haven't met him myself as I was referred to Dr Kaul at St George's Hospital, Tooting in the end but Professor Hughes spoke very highly about Dr Sangle to me.

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Thanks, that makes me feel better!


Im in the same boat too. I think all the letters have gone out transferring people to Dr Sangle's Clinic. Ive asked to be transferred.


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