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I can see from reading various posts on here there's a number of people on here who continue to enjoy relatively active lifestyles - something I want to maintain myself!

My main concern are whether I can return to horse riding, and skiing.

Am I mad to be thinking about this? I know I've been told to avoid contact sports, but where do you draw the line? I'm assuming the risk is internal bleeding due to impact/falls, but at what point do I say a risk is too high.

I know this is probably a question only I can answer, but I'd love to hear from anyone that does take part in either horse riding or skiing / snowboarding?

I realise I will need to minimise my own risks on these to be sensible... I'm a competent horse rider so I don't see much risk in leisure riding as such, although of course I still could fall off if my horse decides to spook or something unexpected happens.

I'm more of a beginner when it comes to skiing, but is still something I very much enjoy. I am going to fall over though, there's no getting away from that!

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Well, I don't ride a horse or go skiing but I am a life long cyclist.

I'm now on Heparin but when I was on Warfarin I had a crash that wrote off my bike but I suffered cuts and grazes and some big haematomas to my legs. I was back out on a new bike within 5 days of the crash.

As you say only you can make the decision but, for me, life is for living not for wrapping myself in cotton wool, so to speak, so I like to get out there as long as I am not feeling too poorly and low in energy.

Best wishes.



I do ski, but don't ride, you have to weigh up the risks and also talk it through with your main consultant, life is for living, albeit carefully! MaryF


I gave up riding at the age of 55 (the cost of hay became prohibitive during drought) and sold the horse. I would still go for a trail ride up until I started Xarelto and I sold my motorbike at the same time. Still I love to travel and I won't let APS stop me. When I saw the Haematologist he asked What I did for fun and told him biking and horse riding he shook his head and asked if I knitted! I don't ;) All you can do is minimise the risks as much as you can otherwise you may as well just stay home and feel sorry for yourself.

I don't have snow for 400kms otherwise I'd give it a go!!


Thank you for the replies! My anti coagulant nurse suggested I need to "wrap myself up in cotton wool" - she was joking of course but the implication of course is that I need to be sensible.

I 100% agree life is for living, and I will get back to doing those things I enjoy! Perhaps just with a little more caution than before.


Well I don't ride horses or snow ski (my closest snow is 4000 km away), but roller derby is my life! Roller derby is a full contact, collision sport along the same lines (with similar risks to) rugby and ice hockey. When I was diagnosed with APS I thought that's it, no more roller derby for me. I tried to become a referee, so as I was still involved in the sport but not at such a high risk of injury, but my heart was just not in it. However recently I spoke to my Haematologist about what was happening and he shocked me by saying that once my pregnancy was over perhaps I should reconsider returning to the sport and he would support me should I choose this option (important so as i am insured). In this situation we weighed up the risk of injury vs the risk to my health and well-being by not participating in the sport I love. I'm also very lucky that I have a very supportive partner who also has a passion for high risk contact collision sports. We both have sustained serious injuries as a result of our sporting lives and so we are very conscious of the risks as well as the benefits.

So my baby is due in September and I will review the situation then.

To have some hope that I can return to derby has been a life saver to my soul.

Amongst broken derby folk there is a saying "Derby broke my body but saved my soul". For me derby (and APS) almost killed me and yet my heart, mind and body still yearn for it. Few people understand this, and that is OK, I can live with that.

I wish you well in the choices you make.


She Rides - i don't ride horses- I use to ski BUT this AVN that this lovely disease has given me i don't ski -- The AVN and the Osteo Arthritis along tremors and muscle spasms i can Hike {not the mile high mountains yet } but mild range oh up hill and i ride the Harley and the triumph ,I hunt and go on long walks --{all this is on hold right now because of feet ulceration trouble i am battling an losing right now }.

I have talked to 8 of my Dc's and most would like me to minimize the chance's of injury --some fully understand and it's be careful "PLEASE }.

I tell the i most certainly would not risk a problem . BUT i refuse to live my life in a bubble sort to speak !!

My hemo DC said JIM-you are APS triple positive and your clotting factors extremely high- you also have 25 Dia. problems thru out your body- your 57 years old { at that time } and you won't heal well -- and although you aren't a bleeder you promise you won't take any undo risks i am willing to go along with what you do ..she went on to say you would most likely do them anyways so you have my blessing !!!

to me the snow boarding and skiing might be pushing the envelope but the riding HELL why not .you sound like a active young woman and well i told you what I do and what i had to give up but no Bubble for me - I have my service dog CASEY with me at all times {he is a Chihuahua} easily sucked into my shirt when the going gets a little rough so e few of my doc's have taken that into considerations he will let me know of severe spasms or flares long before i will know !!

I saay go for it Girl !!

let me know how it works out for You and best of luck

Here in the states if the doc's tell you can't do something and you do you can risk huge trouble on many fronts..

Jim and Casey :-)


Good luck with the feet ulceration to go away as fast as ever!

Hugs to you and Casey from Stockholm!


Foot rot progressing --in real trouble --saw new Dc --he is afraid of APS so now another new DC -- can't tell you any more at this time Casey, Maureen and I thank you for just being you .

Hugs from C & M & J


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