swollen outer thigh,

swollen outer thigh,

yesterday a small area of my outer thigh was swollen above my knee. knee is not swollen or painful. swelling extended to entire upper thigh, outside. painful, not red, purple, etc. went to er so misdiganosed. ultra sound, no clots, yeah. discharge sheet said arthralagia, so not. joint is not swollen, painful, etc. just painful still swelling outer thigh. any ideas? leg is not spasming either. just continually swelling and pain. given a perscription for ultram (tramadol) had x ray no fracture, etc, though i already knew this going in. becoming more difficult to stand, put pressure on leg. (right leg with swollen outer thigh) had dvts in past so pleased no clots.

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  • It sounds as if you have done all the right things already, however you must continue to keep an eye, you may need retesting in more detail if nothing shows up! Have you possibly been bitten by something? All I can say is watch and wait and follow your gut instincts should things get worse. MaryF

  • thanks no bites, injury or the like, swelling is continuing though hubby still sleeping, home late last night 2;30 am. attended ladies day at church last night where swelling increased.

  • Keep a very close eye. MaryF

  • Erm...see a Doctor?

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