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APS and ANA of 2560

I just got some doctor's test results (via a network computer site linking my doctors and test results). My ANA was 320 before my stroke with a diagnosis of Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease then a year after this dx I had a stroke and my ANA shot up to 1280 and now it's at ??maximum 2560 suddenly. Does anyone have an ANA of 2560 and what does it mean. I don't see my rheumatologist until the end of May and she's not the type that responds to calls. I see my GP before that and will talk to her but curious if this has happened to anyone here. This forum is so wonderful because we share so much information. Thank you for that.

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Hi your GP will be interested if your levels are high, and presumably if there is a problem will perhaps be keen to bring your rheumatology appointment forward, you can sometimes ring yourself and take a cancellation? I do this at times.

Do let us know what they say. MaryF


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