Warfarin and Missed Dose

For the first time since I started taking warfarin a year ago, I forgot my dose last night. Waiting for a call from my MD. I believe that from what I've heard, I supposed to just take today's dose. I don't self-test as I live in New York City and go for regular testing at my doctor's office.

I'm sure I'm not the only one on warfarin who has forgotten a dose -:)



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  • Hi

    When I was on Warfarin (now on Heparin), I occasionally missed a dose. As I self tested and self managed I was able to adjust my dose for a few days to get things back on course again.

    Good luck and I hope you are soon sorted out.

    Best wishes.


  • Thanks Dave. I did call my doctor to see if I should adjust the dose. I think the system of self-testing seems so much more sensible as one gets used to adjusting the dose. It's not done here it seems in the USA. I don't know why--probably blood testing brings in more money I suppose.

  • You can't self test if you are LA positive-I know some say they do but i can't because of my problems

  • I just got told I take mine at 6pm but if I miss that I can take it up to 12 that night but not after that and just take same tablets next day but when my DN take my blood for INR test they ask if you missed a dose x

  • I've been on warfarin for over16 years and have missed loads of tablets I now use weekly pill box but do still forget occasionally. I just mention when get inr test (weekly) that I missed a day.

  • Thanks so much. It makes me feel good that I'm not the only one.

  • I have forgotten my dose once since I started selftesting.

    We have been told here in Sweden (I read from my paper from the hospital) to take 1,5 x prescribed dose the next day.

    I guess you now already have got the answer from your hospital.


  • Hi Lure, That makes me feel better because that's exactly what I thought I should do. I called my doctor but she hasn't gotten back to me yet. I called the office right at the end of the day yesterday and I'm sure they were getting ready to go home. I take 8 mg a day and 9 mg on alternate days and yesterday was the 9 mg day so I just took that. It's scary when it happens the first time. It's definitely been a year of learning since my stroke and thank goodness for this site and the support I get here.

  • I've been on warfarin since 2001. I miss a dose about once a year-- though perhaps a sign of aging-- I missed a dose last week AND once in January. A dated pill box helps.

  • Thanks Gina. I keep my pills in a 7 day pill box and usually am very careful but I was making soup in my slow cooker and I guess I figured it might get in the pill box and I closed it after I took my hydroxycholoroquinine--figuring I'd take the warfarin after I ate. I have APS and yes aging and short term memory but brain fog too sometimes and that's very scary at times. Be well.

  • In addition to using the pillbox and writing my dosage down on the pocket calendar my husband likes to watch me take my pills. So last week when he was sleeping in and I had breakfast early I didn't take my pills because I was waiting for him. So, obviously, in this case it was his fault. Don't you agree?

  • I do agree, and what is more, its my wife's fault when I have a similar situation. ;-)

  • I have an Alarm on my phone that is set to go off everyday at the same time. Plus my Husbands phone alarm is set for 15 min after mine. A sure way not to forget! May want to try this approach.

  • I have been on warfarin for 12 years so there have been numerous times that I have forgotten! I was advised by my Dr. that if I miss my 8:30 pm dose that I can take that dose anytime before 10:00 am the next day. This has work well for me with no problem!

  • That sound like a sensible option and I'll discuss that with my doctor. Thank you for telling me about that.

  • I take mine in the mornings. What's the usual for folks?

  • I was always advised to take it in the evening! I really do not know the reasoning to take!

  • I think it's advised to take it in the evenings I was told because most people get tested in the mornings--not sure.

  • I notice you have had some pretty good advice already, I hope you get back on track, best wishes to you. MaryF

  • Thank you Mary.

  • Amen LOL-----just make sire you tell them when you yest

    How often do you test

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