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Hi my GP is happy to write a letter to a local haematologist I have looked on the Hughes site and seen there is one at Musgrove park hospital in Taunton Somerset Dr Sarah Allford or DR Frank Booth at Weston General Hospital Weston-Super-Mare North Somerset, can anyone advise if they have seen either DR please? Also my GP said quite often the haematologists will decline to seen patients that have been referred from GP so she said she will write the letter together with me, if the haematologist is listed on Hughes site will that be worth mentioning in her letter? Any advice welcome love Dawn xx

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I expect members will give you more localized knowledge, and perhaps a rheumatologist may be a good idea also? However your GP seems keen to refer you, and will understand the picture locally! MaryF


Thank you Mary, I have seen a rheumatologist at Weston , well 3 one was helpful the other two looked at my brain scan one said " make appointment in 3 months, the other did not say a word! Stood up and shook my hand an ushered me out, quite honestly Iv lost faith in rheumatologists xx


Ok, but were they off our actual list of recommended specialists? MaryF


Not the rheumatologists no, the haematologist that I have asked to see are off your list, to be honest I didn't think to look for rheumatologists do you have a list of them also? X


Hello Dawni, I live near Taunton but I travel to London to see specialist for my Hughes and Sjogrens. I see a neurologist at Musgrove who is clued up about Hughes.

The haematologist you mention diagnosed a member of our support forum and that is why she is on the list.

My husband sees the senior rheumatologist at Musgrove, for his psoratic arthritis but I couldn't recommend her!

If you want to PM me you are welcome xx

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Dear Dawn

We have an APS patients' group in Bath, (APS West) which serves the West.

Our next meeting is at 2:30pm on Wednesday 8th April in the Parry day Room of the Royal national Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases (The Mineral Water Hospital) in the centre of Bath.

If you would like to send me a private message on here, I will give you more details and get your contact details to pass onto Daniella, who organises the meeting.

The 'Min' as it is known locally has expertise in APS, under Professor McHugh.

Best wishes.

Dave xx


Thank you so much Sue I will be seeing GP tomorrow and let you know how it goes xx Thank you Dave I haven't had a proper diagnosis yet although one rheumatologist I saw said I had SLE but never informed my GP! Would love to attend once I've got a diagnosis

Regards Dawn x


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