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About a year and a half ago i had a blood clot in my leg. I had surgery to have it removed and was given warfarin. Then six months after that i had another and was told that i had lupus anticoagulant. I still have swelling and sometimes pain in the same leg. Is there anything that i can do? Even walking makes it worse. I have been considering water aerobics. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  • Hi where are you located, and who is looking after your care for Hughes Syndrome/APS? It is vital that you get the correct medical advice before proceeding with any new regime. I am sure you will be advised that this is ok once they have re checked to make sure there is no further sign of a clot. MaryF

  • Are you still on warfarin because if you are not you should be? What is your INR set at? If you are not on warfarin I would get yourself back to see someone as soon as possible to check that there are no more closets forming and ask to be put on some anticoagulation. Being under an APS specialist for your treatment is the best thing for your care.

  • Agree on getting back to see a specialist - you could also ask them about compression stockings, I wear them if I've got aches and pains in my legs and that helps.

  • There are different strengths of compression stockings. Also different strengths along the length of the stocking. I had one prescribed by the doctor and had it ftted by a specialist nurse. I found it very helpful and eased the pain considerably. I think I wore it about 8 weeks or so.

  • Compression stockings helped me -- a lot!-- with my DVTs. Exercises that target and strengthen leg muscles will help --- in the future! But it is important that you are clear of clots, and, if advised by an APS knowledgable doctor, on decoagulation, before you are cleared to start such exercises. I'm not sure if you are in the UK or elsewhere, but in the US one needs a referral to physical therapy. And a physical therapist can show you exactly how to most efficiently target the muscles you should build up.

    My varicose veins have bulged out from my once nice looking legs ever since those horrid DVTs. But exercise has erased much of the varicose vein pain and I'm back to walking or standing all day with no problems.

    Good luck! (And remember, the first issue is seeing an APS doctor and getting on a drug therapy that works for you!)

  • Compression socks work a treat for me, it's been nearly 20 years since my first dvt, I still getting swelling and pain, I've learned to live with it. Sarahx

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