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Welcome to my roller coaster

Blood gone wild again --Dc {PCP } wants me back on the Enoxaparin 2 shots a day 75 mls --- today -tomorrow --and Thursday --

Warfarin -- 10 mls tonight--7.5 weds---5 on Thurs.--retest Friday ---- i guess he is finally getting it that i can't be doing this testing every week .

in the past i have gone from a 2.4 on a Tuesday to a 9.1 on Thursday .

i found an article that was in some of the info that Mary sent me -- this Dc. in Australia { i think } spoke of people that are hyper and the effects of the body;s metabolism and the warfarin . and take into effect i am APS triple positive with 26 Dia. problems. me body goes hay wire . and it can do it in as little as 3 days.

i have been battling with them since 9/1/09 on this very thing.{ just had my anniversary } --- Horray -- now maybe they will listen-- the emotional roller coaster they put me threw really is the culprit. and when one thing goes off the rest usually follows if i don't catch it.------ 0 well that's it for now -- next step the E.R.-----

Casey knows that i am having a big problem -- he is after me -- i can't move with out him at my heels-- he knows dad is in trouble -God love him.

just ride it out I guess -- waiting for confirmation from PCP office -- i have 70 syringes of the stuff 30 outdated. $1100 dollars a shot . is what the insurance company charges !!!!!

I have 40 mls and 120 mls syringes.

after my surgery i used 120 mls a day for 9 weeks so they could revisit my protein S and C as they were out of sight , but you can't check them while you are on the Warfarin so after the bridging for the surgery they kept me on it for 9 weeks total- 7 after the bridging. well got to E mail Dc Meg with the wonderful news :-) :-) :-)

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Hang on in there, you will come out again on top as usual! MaryF


Thanks for the confidence-- i can use it


Hi there,

I agree with Mary who is moving her house at the moment.

Hang on!!!!!

Love from Kerstin to you and Casey


Thanks my friend-- how are you doing- will feel like a pin cushion by Friday !!! so glad to hear from you . life pretty hectic right now..lets see what hapens//


Hi jetjetjet,

I am fine now. I had a little roller coaster last week when I was coughing with fever Not like yours!!!

Keep fighting. I can only wish you GOOD LUCK and give a hugh to Casey from me. Hope he wags his tail for me.

Your friend Kerstin


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