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The reason I put this article on, apart from the fact that he gave up his free time to come along to our last Patient's Day at St Thomas', is simply on covering the subject of depression here, he is asking all the right question. Many people with Hughes Syndrome/APS do end up with a Thyroid problem, often written about by Professor Hughes himself under regarding the trio of disease which includes Sjogrens. An untreated Thyroid disorder can cause depression, and here Dr Scurr talks about the importance of testing for this along with other sensible tests other than just checking on whether a patient is on the right medication for depression.

Great advice as usual.


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Thanks as always Mary -- i have found your E to me onJune 11 th some of the info in those links is what i want to use and that will give you an idea of what i am after ----Mri today here in Concord --Monday -Xray's and then 2 surgeons appointments this is in Lebanon 81 miles away. then the wait to see what will go on -Gall bladder may have to come out and Dc.Polliss wants a liver biopsy { she has wanted this for 2 years , but 5 other DC's said NO to bloody for me and infection rate very high with me } just look at what i just went threw with leg biopsy ?????-- I am working at the rest of things for you [anything about erratic INR's as i have had since day one} hyper stat---- depression - aps -diabetes--fatty liver -- muscle spasms - 2 types of tremors-sleeplessness- well i think you have a good handle of my medical problems threw the years of our time on here . i can give you more on the PM {if i can figure how to start one ????? HA HA -- i can REPLY good :-) :-) :-) ---- casey sends his WAG of love !!!


Just click on my profile and there is an option to send message, please make them check your Thyroid as problems with diabeties and gall bladder and high cholesterol are typical with sub clinical hypo thryoidism and often not picked up, mine was not, if you have it the reflexes in your feet will be sluggish. MaryF


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