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Inr testing when a patient-- is not stable - never has been and having flares even with out inr's being off -


past episodes going from 2.4 to 9's in 3 or 4 day's now they want to push my testing out 2 weeks to a month--- this is just wrong and i need info in support of it -- i had some on file in computer but lost them when i changed providers. Help needed asap

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Ok, sorry about this, I am sure Dave will come and help soon. At the bottom of this one under monitoring: and more about unstable INR and testing here:


I am guessing you need something to prove you need your tests kept more regular for unstable INR?

Done my best will check back in again later. MaryFx

Hallo Jet, What has happened!? You must have a talk with your APS-doctor about the coaguationclinics behavior. You must excuse me Jet but I may have forgotten if you have a good medical team taking well and enough care of you. I know you were on antibiotica and could not take your ordinary dugs in two weeks time. Have you started the usual treatment now? Have you had more clots and how is the sores on your body?

If I could help you but you know I am too distant to be there for you. You know yourself that that is quite too much INR difference in 3 - 4 Days. So they have evidently tested you twice a week during your clots and other trouble?

You know as well as me that those differences can happen when you change a lot of things and your change your life behavior. How do you feel now? It is quite unacceptable that you will only chequue your INR every 2 week up to one month. You must be tested twice a week.

Talk to your doctor! Take real real good care of you and Casey and hugs to you from Kerstiin

Sounds like the changes in the USA system are already starting, trying to stretch the dollars. My scheduled INR tests have been moved to TWO months apart! But then I have been stable. I still go in and get tested more frequently -- if anything is ever said, I'll just reply that I was sick and vomiting, etc. and it was prudent to go to the lab.

They always put in "standing orders" for the next test 2 months away, so the lab just draws the blood whenever I do go in. So far it's worked with my HMO.

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