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My fiance was diagnosed with mctd a several months back and now she is pooping out bright red watery blood with hardly any stool.please help

I called her Dr and she said with her diagnosis that she needed to be seen asap but my fiance is stubborn and I really need help with this I have to stay strong for her but she seems not to care so much and her illness has hit her fast n hard and she is only 27

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Does your fiance have Hughes Syndrome/APS beyond the mixed connective tissue disease? If so, where is this being managed? Regardless an urgent check up needed. MaryF


Not really sure , it just started earlier today so I guess we will know tomorrow morning .. thank you maryf I will keep u posted..


Ok, well many on here do have mctd alongside Hughes Syndrome/APS, this being the disease this forum is for. Who is looking after her Hughes Syndrome/APS? MaryF


This is a forum that supports Hughes/APS sufferers. However that said the symptoms that your fiancee is displaying DO need further medical attention.

Whether or not she has APS she should seek advice from A&E.

It may be something that could just be temporary but it needs investigation.

She may be paralysed with fear, embarrassment and discomfort. So it may take you to summon help for her.

If i were you i would be calling the emergency services, just to be safe. Let the experts decide the rest.


Well said. MaryF


Your finance needs urgent medical investigation.



I agree. Please get this checked out. I had similar for over two months in the summer of 2012. I had a number of investigations, but it was put down to IBS. The IBS caused haemmoroids and so suppositories put a stop to the problem thankfully. However this was before I knew I had APS and SLE. Id want to have more tests in the light of my additional illnesses.


I do hope you have already seen a doctor, but -- true, hemorrhoids are no big deal, but bloody stools can be a HUGE deal with issues that are better treated quickly.

Your fiance sounds a bit like a friend's husband:

"Honey, that looks like a wart on your finger. You should see somebody."

"No, its not. Its just where I cut my nail too close."

(time passes:)

"Honey, that's been there for 2 months. You need to see somebody."

(finally shows it to his doctor:)

"Sir, I'm referring you to a surgeon."

(at the surgeon's office:)

"Sir, it is a wart which has grown under the nailbed so you will have to have it removed as an out patient in a hospital because this is a delicate procedure. Next time, and since this is a wart there will probably be a next time, don't let it go this long. "


Hi onelife

Is he on Warfarin or aspirin? Sounds like some nasty rectal bleed..hope he's sorted out...x


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