Very silently and quickly NHS Direct has been closed down, ahead of schedule

So if in the UK, this service which some of us may have used is no longer viable:

We knew it was coming.... and head of schedule it has gone. Personally I always found it for myself a process which always sent me or the children to hospital anyway so I found it not to work for me!

However NHS Choices still around for information.


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  • Thanks Mary. I wonder when a post will read "very silently and quickly the NHS has been closed down"?! All the phlebotomy at Essex has now gone to a private company owned by two multinationals, and I expect the same will be happening all over the UK...

  • Yes... 'we won't touch the NHS etc' MaryF

  • That is not as far off as we would all like to think. I go to the news sites every day thinking that we will get information like this at any time. There is a politically motivated site that seems to get information quickly and where campaigns (or petitions) can be signed by anyone interested in the NHS and all the reforms and debates in the Houses of Parliament. That site is, they are worth a visit just to see how the NHS is being discussed or used by our politicians.

  • Yes I sign them all and donate! MaryF

  • The phlebs went from stockport YEARSago! NHSdirect sent me to hospital via ambulance EVERY time. Unnessesserily. Sad its gone., just like our local walk in clinic.

  • Yes our walk in in largest town went, most of the village for years used to drive to it to avoid the local GP surgery, even though it was twenty miles away, however, thankfully the GP service had to pull it's socks up and improved radically! I live in a very rural setting and the out of hours has now shut two of the most easy places to access. When they last came out to me, they seemed surprised that I was unable to consider a £75 return taxi fair with a kidney infection and two unwell teenagers at home! However once I had been thoroughly grilled on the phone, they did come and were excellent! MaryF

  • NHS Direct..when they changed their number, I could never get through - not that I needed. Quality was hit or miss in my experience.

  • It is the lack of consultation or pretend consultation processes going on! We need more GP's and a better culture out there for staff and patients. 15.7 billion drained away in litigation....not good. MaryF

  • Yes. Indeed.

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