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Weakness in left arm

A few weeks ago I experienced pain/weekness all over my left arm for just a few minutes. I contacted my hematologist and he said doesn't sound like a clot, may be heart related. He did not seem concerned.

Anyone have any advice? Should I have contacted my rheumatologist instead? Or do I need to get a Cardio doc. I have APS but I am only 29 yo.

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Hi there. I had a similar thing last year also in my left arm. In my case it turned out to be a trapped nerve in my neck. I would always edge on caution though, and would get it checked out. I always say 'better to be safe than sorry'!! Let us know how you get on :o)


Hi. I've had this kind of thing for two reasons: trapped nerve in the neck; or TIA.

You should certainly get it checked. out.

Best regards.



Hi there, yes to the two replies you have had above mine, with this condition an eye always has to be kept, hope it has gone away now, this particular symptom. MaryF x


I too would agree to possible trapped nerve or Tia.....I've experienced those symptoms plus others in both cases.

I still have problems in both my shoulders due to falls & gardening injury! Always have trapped nerves can't seem to make them stay away!! Sounds similar? Ask gp if symptoms persist x


Hi there,

I agree with the others. See an APS-doctor.

Kerstin in Stockholm


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