Dear everyone, I thought

I'd continue to chronicle my pregnancy journey as reading other people's has helped me. I had my 12 week scan today and all is still well, spot on size at present. BUT (isn't there just always a but) the sonographer said I had a small subchorionic haematoma. Blood clot/bleed by the placenta. She said nothing to worry about as common. I actually had one of these in my previous pregnancy (and it resolved and wasn't the cause of the unfortunate final outcome). Nevertheless I'm still very anxious about it. I'm seeing a consultant on Monday for my first obstetric appointment so will discuss it then. I will be so grateful just for one baby born alive!!! Fingers crossed x

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  • Hi there, well done so far, and thanks for the useful feedback. It is great to hear your news, and do keep us updated as things progress. Best wishes to you. MaryF x

  • Well done on the great progress!

    Just take one day at a time and try and enjoy every day. I have everything crossed for you that you continue to progress well :-)

  • I had one of those and I was fine x

  • Thanks for sharing your journey with us and others. Like others have said take each day as it comes, you have a diagnosis and you are being monitored. Wishing you the best x

  • Well done and thanks for the update. Gppd to hear that you are being looked after and checked regularly. :)

  • Twelve weeks is a significant milestone. Very good news. Sounds like you are being well looked after. Keep us posted. All the best Ann

  • Fingers crossed for you

    MJ x

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