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A New Year and a New Book:

The proposed book on Sero negative Hughes Syndrome will started shortly, this is to earn funds, and also to help patients and doctors, I have had many replies on this subject, and I will co write/ co collate it with the help of others. Obviously it will include patients who have: a) always been sero negative with full clinical symptoms b) include those who were positive only to go negative c) those who were negative to then be positive later on d) for those who

have been in and out of negative and positive. All welcome, as some of us have relatives that fit into this category;

Please do NOT reply on this thread if you wish to join in with the actual book! - reply on this one:

Happy New Year again....MaryF x

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Your book will be invaluable to patients who are sero negative and are being ignored.

Dave x


Yes and hopefully further raise awareness of the condition across the board as other books have, I have had some medical interest in it from several quarters already. All the best to you. MaryF x


Good Mary


Yes I have had a huge response both on here and off the site, so a good start for the book. MaryF x


Excellent news x


Thank you I have been overwhelmed by the private replies from the UK and across the world with help from people who are editors, writers, medical writers etc etc. APSnotFAB and I plus some others will start shortly. Preliminary draft questionnaire in the formulation stage now! However any further takers please do reply on the other thread embedded in this post, above, thanks again. MaryF x


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