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New Book: Hughes Syndrome: Highways and Byways

Is it true that this book by Dr G. Hughes and Munther A. Khamashtra is only 75 pages long?

It costs £35.99 on Amazon and is not published until 31 July 2013. I would like to buy it but is that a mistake on Amazon, is it really only 75 pages long? By the way, I expect to pay this for a hardback not a paper back. Though I do like to buy books with the latest research, it is for patients as well, isn't it?

I did email someone from Hughes admin or whoever it was recommended to me, but I have yet to hear from them. So please could whoever sent me the email address, re-send the email to me, so that I can add my telephone number to it, when I inquire about things to buy from The Hughes Syndrome shop which I would prefer to do so that money goes to Hughes.

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I think it is primarily aimed at professionals-and most such 'professional' publications are usually very expensive. I may find out tomorrow when I see him.


Yes, as the holder of two degrees I do understand that academic books are expensive and have bought many. What I did not understand was whether Amazon had made a mistake when writing down that it was only 75 pages. It does state that it is aimed at doctors, students and patients.

I have just bought a 'professional' book for £36.99 from Amazon, it is a hardback, written by doctors and has over 400 pages. I have as yet to read or even open this book. I am not currently in a reading mood due to various reasons including the medication I take plus several chronic illnesses. I started a PhD in Health but had to give it up due to ill health.I may start up another particularly as most of my university friends are either doing so, interested in doing so or in the case of one, has her Viva tomorrow.

Next year I will be published for the second time in four years, I have a chapter in a research book and contributed to the research chapter in a medical 'professional' book due out next year. I have been published in Journals too.

Yes, when you do see Prof. Hughes it would be great if you could let me know whether it is worth buying this book as I do like to have the most up-to-date books but I do not have knowledge apart from my own experiences of Hughes Syndrome. Also, there was another book, a hardback dated I think in 2001, that is definitely aimed at medical students which is also a hardback book.


Hi there, it may be worth asking Kate at the charity, and also some members on here, may be interested in passing on, by private message, any books 2nd hand! Worth asking! Best wishes Mary F x


Yes, the price will be correct as academic books like this have a very short print run therefore the cost of production is always high. It is aimed at doctors and not patients but doesn't really contain anything that's not on our website concerning the symptoms.

Our charity will not be having any for sale from our webiste as Springer, the publisher, has not given us any to us so it's only available from Amazon, as is Munther Khamashta's other academic book which costs around £60.


Perhaps these would make good raffle prizes? Could you approach them both to see if they would donate them and then perhaps include them both in a raffle to raise funds for the charity. At least we would all (or those interested) would stand a chance of winning a book. :-)


Munther's book is like gold-dust - I think he has only one copy but Graham/Shirish's might be accessible. However, I don't have time to hold a raffle and it's not what the manager should be doing really :) However, if anyone else wants to take up the reins ...


This is a great idea! I hope we can make it happen. Good for you, let me know APsnotFab what I can do, like you I have demands on my time, and lack of funds.. but still willing inbetween the other hundreds of other things.. Mary F x


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