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What food would you suggest to help thin blood

Please don't suggest see a doctor, that's not an option for me. I think my blood is thin right now. Small scratches take hours to stop bleeding. I don't bruise very easily but i am aware of lots of brusing of arms and legs. Please help me. I need to know how to thin my blood. It really hurts right now - i'v menstrual flow- and i have a very heavy flow, its really huge - please - i cant cope -

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Hi there, you sound really stressed, do you have a trusted friend or family member who can support you, as I am concerned that you do not feel able to consult medical advice.. There is lots people can do with diet, I am a great advocate of diet and exercise, however I do not have the restraints of 'Warfarin' only Aspirin. Please give us a little more information about your current situation, and if not comfortable with that, please feel free to drop me a private message. Stress of any kind can make chronic illness far worse, and you will not be the first to feel like this. In the first instance you need some urgent support in order to get to grips with the various concerns you have. All the best Mary F x


Hi Alison

I agree with Mary but it really does sound like you need medical help.

What have you been diagnosed with and what medication, if any, are you on?

Best wishes.



Thanks, but l am not able to get medical help as it is is unafordable. I was diagnosed with adp after 10 miscarriages. I'm still covering that cost'. Further doctors are totally outsitde of my budget. I'm not on any medication, i was told to take folic acid and asprin. But i was told to stop asprin after my eye filled with blood. I-have been told that i have the least serious 'sticky blood' problem - and it should not cause any problemes out side of gettiing pregnant (i'm 37 and 10 years of that advice is painful now? ) i dont have the energy to go in to all my problemes, but right now, i have a ridiculousiy heavy period- and i want some advice. - im trying painkillers,-bananas water. But vomiting a lot. What should i eat?


We are not medically qualified to advise you on here and if you are vomiting and losing blood heavily you MUST seek medical support. I suspect you are in the USA and even there you can get some advice without running up a big bill.

Im sorry if that is not really helpful but this is out of our remit and we would always advise that people seek medical help.

I hope that things improve for you soon. x


Allison Im going to repeat on here what Ive written on your other questions. Your condition, which you have mentioned now on three other threads today on this site - ADP platelet receptor P2Y12, deficiency which is a deficiency of a compound (P2Y12) involved in the blood clotting process which results in bleeding problems. Given this, surely you should know that you need to seek medical help because it is the likely cause of your bleeding issues. I urge you to seek help without delay.


Thanks for replying, I'm in Geece, and the unfortunate truth is I won't get medical support. (Despite paying high tax, but that's not an issue for this site) so quite simply - assuming I'm week with heavy blood loss but won't get to see a doctor any time soon- can you recommend something to make me feel a bit Better?


No Im afraid I or anyone else can't. Im sorry we cant help but as Ive said before we are not Doctors.

Now Im going to close this thread for any future comment. Please do not post any more comments on here.

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