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I know it may be impossible but is there a way this site can display which recent posts and questions have received a response?

Like Facebook where you have the number of replies so you know what to look back at, or as some other sites do, the posts come back to the top when they have had a reply.

I am forgetting hat I have written or read so don't get to see if there is a reply, plus the layout makes it feel like posts have vanished down into a black hole.

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  • I agree. It also takes the "conversation" out of it. I can't see other people's responses and can't see what I have previously written..... it makes it difficult to participate and much like the loss of participation since the onset of the new site, soon participation will diminish because it will just take too much attention to flip all over to find the current conversation. I say this in the spirit of constructive criticism. It must be particularly difficult for new participants.

  • Me too. This site is a shadow of what it used to be, and its obvious that others are having problems too by the lack of posts and questions.

    Sometimes things just don't need fixing if they ain't broke.

  • If you click directly onto Questions or Posts on the Red line above instead of clicking on the little red house which has the Newsfeed, you will see on the top right hand side of the list of Questions or Posts a Tab that says "Latest Posts" or "Latest Questions". If you click on that a drop down box comes down and one of the options is "latest activity". Click on that and it will take you to the latest comments and activity in that section. It might help you find the thread you were looking for.

    Personally if you are finding the Newsfeed confusing I would ignore it and stick to the Questions and Posts(Blogs) headings which is just the same lists as you had on the old site.

    We are pushing to get the old email notifications back so that you can be notified of ALL comments not just new Questions and Posts. I miss most of what is coming through here now because of this so for Administration purposes its a complete nightmare. Hopefully this will change soon. x

  • Please copy and paste and feed this question directly to HU themselves, they need to hear feedback from their customers, as believe me ADMINS across the board are feeding back likes and dislikes to them, from a variety of charities using this platform. Mary F x

  • Mary sorry to be dumb but I can't copy and paste on my iPad, is there another way to get the complaint to HU?

  • I am sure a representative from HU is charged with monitoring a NEW site at it's launch. As Mary said, the administrators are relating their opinions pro and con and they are the patient representatives. I am sure they are passing along the patient opinions. Generally, a site such as this is monitored at least 6 months to a year by the "mother corporation (HU)" because there is much information to be gleaned to satisfy THEIR patients. Fund raising being the most outstanding. Also, it generally takes that long to work all the bugs out.

    Ultimately, I agree with Jade. "If it ain't broke...don't fix it." Too bad, it's polls and questions and general banter they stimulate could benefit the clinical side as much as the patients. Particularly at the stage we are now where the patient is teaching the clinician about the disease. I hope it works itself out. It would be a shame to lose all the good it could do.

  • Yes go into 'Help' in the top green bar and give feed back that way. Best of luck. Mary F x

  • Jade you can copy and paste on your IPad. Hold your finger down for a few seconds and the copy will pop up, you can then drag the little icons to the area you want to copy, then just tap. Go to where you want to paste and again press on the screen for a second or two and the paste word will appear. Tap and hey presto your stuff will appear!

  • Here is a link you can use to go straight through to HU.

  • Thanks for the info on copying and pasting and the link.

    All done. I am proud. I feel like I have a magic finger now. Lol

  • There is a free App called IPad Secrets and shows you how to do some of the run of the mill things. I got it when I bought my IPad and found it helpful to remind me how to do things until I remembered. Also don't forget to use the Siri feature - just hold the home button for a couple of seconds until the "can I help you?" Pops up and then just ask how to do what you want on the IPad. I also like the voice typing feature if I can't be bothered to type!

  • I have to say I much preferred the old format, much more user friendly and easier to navigate!

    'If it ain't broke why fix it'?

  • I hope it will become more user friendly for you, and do please direct any feedback to HU, via Help in the green band above. All the best. Mary F x

  • I know - it's caused much frustration all round but we're stuck with it now. As Mary suggests, please do give any feed back to HU - particularly if there are things not working as they should do or there is anything you think should be added.

    I find it equally annoying when they move everything around in the supermarket, just when you've got the whole place sussed! Or every time you upgrade Microsoft Office - how many versions of Excel, Word and Access do we actually need and why do they all have to work differently?? Gggrrr :)

  • Get a Mac and you won't have that problem!!

  • That assumes that everyone can afford a Mac - I can't.

  • Nor could I really but I saved up because actually Mac's are not expensive when you see what is actually on them. With a PC you just get a basic machine and then have to buy loads of software. If you kitted it out to the same level as a Mac it would probably cost more. Also you can upgrade the operating system for about £15 when the new versions come out, Id like to see Microsoft do that! When you buy a Mac its an investment that lasts for many years, not something that you end up having to chuck away after 2/3 years because its obsolete. Ok Ive done my sales pitch :-D

  • I sure agree with everything that's being suggested here..... too tired today to add anything more, but glad for your input, Jade!

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