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Off to Duke tomorrow

. . . to see my rheumatologist and an orthopedic surgeon. After 10+ years of kicking the can down the road I concede its time for the hip replacement. I'm still on the young side (58,) but my avoidance manuvers have at least sent me farther into the future when the longevity of the replacements has, in some cases, more then doubled. 2nd replacement at age 60? I don't think so! 2nd at age 75 - 80? That sounds more appropriate.

But this is all contingent on the rheumy's OK. Systemic inflammation remains my big enemy (either the sibling or the parent of Hughes,) and I'm sure that blood work will give the thumbs up or thumbs down to the surgery.

We'll see.

(And I relish any and all comments receive about how wonderful hip replacement results are! Feel free to share those. -- and if you have warning notes I suppose I should read those too and be grateful for the advice)

Back to walking my dog a mile around the lake in the afternoon? Back to walking the 7.5 mile Cowpasture Trail? or the 17 miles Big Beechy/Middle Fork Loop? or back to the West HIghland Way in a summer or 2?

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Well I don't have any advice for you Gina other than listen to your Doctor and then do what feels right for you. Whatever you decide be it now or waiting a little longer I wish you lots of luck.

My hubby needs to have his knees done and like you he decided to wait for as long as possible in order to avoid the need for more ops in the future. He is 67 now and I'm hoping that with medical advances the time will stretch that the replacement parts last for to negate the need for replacing in the future. We can but hope but I told him that perhaps a little pain now while waiting may be better than having to go through surgery when you are in your 80's.


The hip inflammation has progressed to the point where I can not do anything except lie on my back in bed without pain and escalating inflammation. Which means my cardiovascular health goes (and indeed, the MVP is worse,) memory, co-ordination are all sliding noticibly. AND the most recent X Ray indicates that the femoral head and acetabulum are flattening out -- so I have reached the now or never place. I'll see what the Duke docs think ( I know the orthopedist will agree that its time,) but I believe I have, as I said earlier, kicked that can as far down the road as I can.

Do kids in Britain play "kick the can?" It was one of my favorite games. On my street in my small town the 30 or so of us kids would gather at summer twilights to play "kick the can." Those were epic games!


Hi Gina- sorry I'm a little late - I would watch what they use for pain - I was on morphone and it bound me up terrible, I was in more discomfort from that than the surgery- and they didn't restrict my diet and that was another problem - I had a core decompression . but soon I will be looking at total hip . my only hope is this hip will last till I find living place still in cellar . if you have lap top take it with you and I will be here for you -- some of the people I have talked were out same day -others 3 days. good luck my friend will be thinking of you.. :-)---- jet


Let's hope you will be "kicking the can soon " if by chance you meet DC. Ortell APS specialist -and there is another Dc. there that is rated top's in the country -I can't recall her name but she is suppose to be remarkable .Dam I hate it when I can't remember that stuff. they may have you seen by one of these dc's-- like I said stay in touch and let us know what is going on . :-) :-) :-) ----jet


I suspect Gina that a can may well now be not good enough for them as they all demand their named boots and kit! In the past they did indeed kick just about anything about but now it's hard enough to get their noses out of their computer games, phones and iPods! One day perhaps their parents will learn the value of not giving them what every Tom, Dick and Harry has and make them wait and get them outside in the fresh air but I'm considered old fashioned I'm sure!

I do hope everything goes well for you Gina.


Scary, isn't it? This experiment we have begun . . . Raising the next generation in near total isolation from thee natural world? Have you read "Last Child in the Woods?"


No, but I suspect I should...or maybe my daughter should .. :-D


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