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T.A.C.E procedure, but have APS

Hello, well I underwent 1 of 6 TACE procedures 4 weeks ago and prior to this had an echogram to allow me to undergo the procedure, however the last few minutes of of the TACE produre endured severe pain in chest, but I told docs but they said they will give me more painkiller before having the next one next week. However the nurse said I do not have to have an echo prior but being as I have APS and its unpredictable, shouldn't I have one done? to see if any blockages. The nurse does not really understand about APS. TACE is when chemo in put into a tumour in the liver, although sedated I felt this pain. I also explained to consultant and he said more powerful drugs as I have to have it. Its a nightmare with some medical professionals with knowledge about APS, just wondering if anyone has undergone this

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Sorry you are having such a difficult time. I can see you are between a rock and a hard place. Is there any way you can contact the secretary of your APS specialist and ask if you can have a word and then explain this to him/her to see if they can liaise with your Consultant in charge of the T.A.C.E procedure? At least then there could be some co-operation between the two. xx


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