What are all these blood tests for ?

Hi all, wondered if anyone can help as some of U already know I have had multiple miscarriages and my last one was 12 days ago so I decided to get a second opinion and my new doctor has ordered the following tests I have already tested positive to lupus anticoagulant previously but he has repeated this test along with the following ANA, ENA,DSDNA, C4 & C3 I"m really glad someone is finally taking me seriously as previous doctor said just increase the asprin and try again but what is he looking for I asked him if he thought I had lupus sle and he said no ? Wondered if U knowledgeable. People have also been tested for the above and could share some light xx

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  • Hi, I was tested for all these twice 12 weeks apart after losing identical twins at 30 weeks. It's an autoimmune screen. ANA is found in lupus and rheumatoid arthritis (and other things) anti DNA is lupus, c3 and c4 complements are proteins in the blood that can be affected by certain auto immune conditions. I just tested positive twice for Lupus Anticoagulant so have been diagnosed with primary APS. They also tested my thyroid as history of that in the family. Sorry to hear of your multiple miscarriages. Now we are diagnosed we should have more luck in future! All the best x

  • Thank U for answering. I hope so as miscarriage is just so hard. Sorry to hear about your twins that's absolutely heart breaking. Why have we got this awful condition :-( x

  • Be aware that the "LA" lupus anticoagulant is what diagnoses your APS. The actual autoimmune disease of Lupus is different. My doc tests me every 6 months to see if I develop Lupus, though I've read that more of us APS people DON'T go on to develop Lupus. At least that's comforting. It's very good you're diagnosed-- now your babies can be protected.

  • Just wanted to say I have miscarriaged to many times x it took 14 years x I know the heartbreak all to well x I now have a lovely little boy who was a year on Sunday just gone x don't ever give up hope x I only find out there was something wrong with me because my auntie died of Hughes x there is luck out there x I hope you both get the happy ending you deserve x all the best and loads of love xxxx

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