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Small blood blisters underneath nails - Ever had this?

Hi, I have an INR of 4.7, and the last couple of days have had small blood blisters appear underneath my nails which are sore. I have informed my anticoagulation nurse and due to my high INR has asked me to retest in a couple of days and keep an eye on things. I had a PE a couple of years ago and I have terrible bruising due to my sticky blood, lupus, and thrombocytopenia but this is new, my nails are all splitting and sore but the bruising/blood blisters underneath the nails are very strange. Has anyone else experienced this?

Thanks for your help Sam

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Someone else just posted the same thing, there is a link attached, have a look at that, but me myself, I've (not as yet!!) suffered this . Sarahx


These are referred to as Splinter Heamorrhages and although not a common symptom of APS and are shared by 2.80% of patients who completed survey forms at These are not normally problematic but can cause the nail to split as they grow out.


I think I should have added that the percentage quoted was from a total of 1322 completed and verified survey forms. I notice yours are described as bruising, so I would guess that the high (for you) INR could be making them worse than the normal ones. I have had them in the past, and get the spontaneous bruises for no apparent reason but I keep my INR above 4.4 at all times so 4.7 would just be a normal result for me. Just goes to show how different we all are in symptoms and treatments.




I get splinter hemmorages in waves they seem to come & go, for me yet are not painful though. My nails have a tendency to split & peel as well, I never made the connection between the two. But I did notice they seem to appear after a flare up for me. After some funny turns, brain fog, headaches, fatigue etc. I'll get several at once.


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