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Hidden thyroid problems with autoimmune disease

Why it is important to check your thyroid if you have an autoimmune disease.

There appears to be a problem with thyroid tests, doctors swear that it is impossible to fail a thryoid function test, but many around the world dispute this, as the clinical symptoms are so clearly there.

Also a petition going on to bring about change.

Mary F x

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Thanks Mary kath xx


Mary I have watched this over and over, I am pretty sure my docs only test TSH, maybe once many years ago I asked for thyroid antibodies to be tested.

I have been tested every year for about 20 years as I have so many symptoms but always com back 'normal'.

Even my daughter whose thyroid totally failed at the age of 22 still cannot get T3 and T4 done as a matter of course despite showing symptoms. My OH too has been on thyroid for 10 years gradually having to up the dose suddenly they decided that despite one number suggesting he needed the same the other did not so had his dose halved and said return in a YEAR. What a joke.


Yes: Hence this movement: Based on the net and via facebook, fighting for better care worldwide! MaryF x


I am curious, still rattling about thyroid which I may try get tested again soon. I found my last test which is a year old and my TSH was 0.86 now even a blind man could see that was 'normal'. Are we talking about borderline tests that are failing people or are we saying results like mine could be like sero negative Hughes. The prof did see those results and did not comment other than to say keep getting them checked as the diseases tend to come in 3's.x


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