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I am currently having regular blood tests as my INR has gone up as high as 11 (was given Vitamin K). It's now at 5.1 but the blood results said that I was only 13% anticoagulated. Does anyone know how this can happen, and why? I am waiting to see a specialist but can't work out what has happened. Needless to say I feel really ill, headaches, brain fog, joint pain, blood pressure going way too high then dropping down to a really low level and I'm sweating profusely, but only on my head. Any thoughts gratefully received. xxx

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When are you due for another INR check? if its not in the next day or so then call your Anticoagulation Clinic tomorrow and tell them about these symptoms PLEASE! If they have a Clinic there tomorrow then just go, turn up and make them do a venus test as well as a finger prick. Clearly this is not right and Im wondering if they have caused your INR to go the other way as there is a day or twos lag in the change of medication. please get it checked out tomorrow or sooner at A&E if symptoms get worse and let us know when you can how you are. x


Hi, you need to speed up the appointment a bit, this needs a bit of fast tracking. Something is not suiting you. Please let us know how you get on. Mary F x


Yes, I agree totally. Speed is essential when everything goes haywire. Go to A&E now or at the very latest, go to your anticoagulation clinic first thing in the morning, as has been said above. You need to be stabilised and monitored; the risks are too high to delay. Best, John.


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